29er Vid

Today I made this video.

Its kinda short but…ya.

Tell me what you think since its my first 29er video. :slight_smile:



I love you Isaac ! You’re amazing.

Every time I watch one of your vids, I’m amazed at how you learn crazy stuff, crazy fast ! That 29er vid was really cool, short and sweet ! I loved the one foot and the gliding part.

Keep it up !


that new flash player wont download for me.:frowning: i’ve tried like a million time but it wont. are there any other links to it?

One second I will put it in my Gallery…

Hugo! - Thanks so much!:slight_smile: Im excited to see some new stuff of you!


cool thanks a lot!

Okay…Here you go…

Enjoy everyone!:slight_smile:



yeah, thats been happening to me too. It’s weird.

its annoying b/c i want to see so many youtube vids, but anything semi-new wont work w/ this flash player.

PS…srry for the threadjack issac, the vid is loading right now;)

that was really good. its good vids of big wheels like this that make me wanna get something w/ a big wheel.

Nice Laid back big wheel vid. Cool gliding too.


I know it’s not splined and it’d be harder to film, but some Muni on it would be cool:o, maybee some smoothish, tight single track.

You had a bad day? Any day that I ride my 29er is a good day! :thinking:

What he said. I’m amazed!

What tyre were you riding with? I realy like gliding with my BA I feel it glides better than 20" unis It just seems to keep rolling :slight_smile: Why no unispins? There not that hard, I was filming for all of about 7mins and I landed a few 180s and a couple of 3spins.

bet you can go pretty fast compared to that 20" uni

sp4rky m4rky - Yes in a way I find it easier to glide my 29er. It has a Kenda Klaw tire. And I will leave unispin to my trials.

Uni Ouly - Yes it can bomb past the speed of a 20"

Ntappin - Thank you! :slight_smile:

Phlegm - No Ihad a great day the weather was awesome, but the music went good with the fall day I though…

Skilewis74 - Yes maybe I will do some singletrack sometime and film…But like i said this is my first 29er vid.

But thank you all.

Just wondering what do you plan to use your 29er for? What are the specs? You should try unispins there good fun.

really cool laid back video i liked the style.
the 29 looks almost like a 36er with you on it.:wink:

Sp4ry M4rkey - Just long distance and touring…Nah i dont really like that

qhxakg - Thank you…Yes it does…ahha