29er tubes without presta

Does anyone know where I can get 29er tubes for the Nano raptor or Kenda klaw tire WITHOUT the Presta valve.
I wouldlike the normal inflator valve

it is dependant on your rim to some extent. you can drill it bigger, or shim it smaller. i’d check the local bike shops, especially in california someone is bound to have something. ask for a 29er tube with a schrader valve for whatever size tire you’ve got. if it’s more than $7 i’d be surprised.

Schwalbe makes a 29er tube with a Schraeder valve (that’s the normal valve). Get the Schwalbe AV-19. You can order tubes from the Schwalbe web site but they have a minimum order of $15 so you’d need to order 3 tubes. Or your local bike shop can get them. The Schwalbe AV 19 is also the 29er tube that most people are using for the 29er tube in a Coker thingy.