29'er tires Kenda and Schwalbe

Hey everyone. I just installed my Schwalbe Big Apple and love the crap out of it, so the following tires need to go…

Kenda Kwest 700 x 35C…has puncture protection and a nice tread pattern. This tire is smaller in overall roll-out and is a little narrow, but would be a super good tire for starting to commute on. Can take max PSI of like 80 pounds, and I found that it rode really nice. Great entry level commuter. It has maybe 15km’s on it. $10.00US plus shipping.

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser. 700 x 27c…has pucture protection as well in white wall. This tire was the Road Cruiser befoe they changed the tread pattern. This tire is a great alternative to the Big Apple. It’s roll-out is very similar and the tire height after inflation is actually 28.5 inches as opposed to the tire above and other “so called 29” tires" that measure somewhere around 27-ish. If you have a frame that isn’t wide enough for a Big Apple, but you want as much roll-out as a Big Apple, this is your tire. It is just under 2" wide, so its wide, but not like 2.35" wide. $18.00US plus shipping. This tire still has nubbies on it, but does have about 50km’s of riding total.

No pictures, go to Kenda and Schwalbes website and have a look. What you see there is what you get.