29er speed

i know you guys are going to hate me for this thread because i’m sure there is one on the exact same subject. But my question is: what is the average speed on a 29er with and without gears? And if this is a repeat thread please direct me to the other one.


Wheel diameter = 29"
Wheel circumference = 29 x Pi inches

Circumference = 91 inches approx.

91 inches =2.53 yards.

1,762 yards in a mile.

1 mile = 696 wheel revolutions.

There are 60 minutes in an hour, so 696 / 60 = 11.6.

So 11.6 rpm = 1 mile per hour.

2 mph = 2 x 11.6 rpm = 23.2 rpm

10 mph = 10 x 11.6 rpm = 116 rpm.

So if you know how fast you can pedal, you know how fast you can go.

I once managed 10 mph for 2.25 hours on a 28.

You can probably peak at 15 mph orslightly more.

You can probably average 10 mph or slightly more for a reasonable distance.

For kmh, multiply mph by 1.609.

For geared, add the relevant percentage. I think it’s 50%, but a Schlumph owner will confirm.

My topspeed on a 29er, 114mm cranks + riding on a slight downhill is 31 km/h

Looking at the marathon world record for 29" ungeared -> 1:43:16 hours you can probably ride an average speed of 24km/h with a lot of training.

On any unicycle, you can ride from A to B, in a fairly relaxed manner, hands at your sides, just cruising along- and there will be an average speed to that.

Or, you can treat it as an athletic endeavour, ride to the limits of your capabilities, probably with one or both hands firmly gripping a specialist handle so you can get that extra bit out of it, edging up your average speed week, by week.

The average speed of the latter, will clearly be much higher than the former.

I’ve ridden both styles; currently I favour the former :slight_smile:

Which are you talking about?

My comfortable average speed on my Nimbus 29er with 137mm cranks on rolling terrain is between seven and eight MPH. By comfortable I mean the speed is sustainable and I’m not sweating or breathing hard.:slight_smile:

I ride a 29er with 150mm cranks. I average about 7 mph. On shorter rides, 4 - 6 miles, I can push 8 mph and on longer rides stay around 7.

Interestingly though I never vary my crank length I recently put narrower pedals on, i.e. less of my foot is on the pedal, and I’ve noticed that my average speed has increased by a few of tenths of a mile.

Well, I try to keep my speed “reasonable”, so ~85mph geared, ungeared I’m not sure, I suppose I could put it in neutral going down a big grade and hit 55-60mph if the road wasn’t to curvey.

Of course once I get to the trails my 29er is much slower than it is in the back of my car :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks:) i was mostly thinking of riding in the middle of what your saying or just a bit faster. I was thinking of getting one to replace my bike for the 4.5km commute to school.