29er setup

Ok so i think that I am going to get the 2007 kh 29. I want to get some brakes but don’t want to spend allot. I like these http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=520 but they might be too expensive ( I’ll have to ask my mom and dad) but any recomendatinos please tell me or anything I should know about 29ers. Thanks:)

maggies are great but I would look on eBay, you can often find one for about $50. You will need the mounting hardware sold at UDC if they don’t come with the brakes (they probably wont.)

You can also look on observedtrials.net for maguras and parts. That’s where I’ve had the best luck.

Hey Uni1320, I have a barely ridden 2007 KH 29 with Maggies/steel braided lines, upgraded seat post, dual position cranks, choice of Navegal or Stout, everything is fresh, hardly a scratch on the uni. I’m in Tennessee, maybe we can work a deal?

I currently have it priced for $400 without the brakes. The brakes were expensive, so I’ll sell them for what I paid ($175), otherwise you can buy the uni and get brakes seperately. Personally, I don’t use the brake as much as I’d planned, so it probably is optional.

PM for details