29er Road Unicycle

This is a good one. I’m selling my 29er/700c road uni that I built last fall. It was my dream unicycle at the time, but dreams change :roll_eyes: .

It does have some miles on it (probably a few hundred), but since it’s a roadie, it looks brand new (no scratches or anything like that).

Nimbus II frame
Velocity Dyad rim (reflective, kinda cool)
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (2" wide, the best road tire out there)
KH Street saddle (semi-flattened)
125/150 KH Spirits (excellent all around cranks, 150’s great for climbing, 125’s great on the way down)
TRP Spyre disc brake (the best disc setup out there)
Shadow Handle (with stubby tail to protect the saddle)
Extra parts and pieces that I keep with all my builds (spare tube, brake line, etc.)

This thing is very lightweight, and I’d say about as nice a road unicycle as you can build in the price range (without a Schlumpf).

I put about $1000 into it, I’m asking $700 OBO.

As usual, I prefer not to ship, but if your interested, we can probably work something out.

Pics can be seen here: Post Your Current Projects Here

It does have different pedals now (Velo Orange touring pedals). I’ve also since shimmed the rotor so there is a plethora of clearance at the crank/caliper.

Bump. Need to sell this.


$625. I need to get these puppies out.

Feel free to make an offer…



Surely someone out there could use a new roadie. Make me an offer.


I have a Coker Big One that is just a bit too big for me (36") and wanted to get a 29. Do you have any interest in a 36? I tried to figure out how to email you but couldn’t (I’m new to this), so if you know how to get my email address, let me know.

Sorry, I’ve already got a 36. About the only thing I’d be looking to trade for is a Schlumpf+cash.

Where in Utah are you, is it sold?

I’m in the Ogden area, and it is still for sale.

very interested, but i don’t see where the over $1000.00 invested claim comes from…

unless the disc break was over $600.00 i don’t see why someone could not build something very similar to this for 1/2 the cost

PM me your best price shipped to 92860 (So Cal)