29er questions

Hi I am looking at a trainer 29 unicycle. Are 29ers fast and is this a good model? This is the only large wheel that i can find that is affordable. If you know of any 29" or 36" for around $100-150 I would appreciate it if you could send me the link.


Are 29ers fast? Depends on the rider! A few years ago on a 28, I averaged 10 mph for over 2 hours on a 28.

A 29er is a fair bit faster than a 28, not just because of the slightly larger diameter, but also because of the fatter tyre which is more forgiving and lets you keep your speed up.

A 29er is considerably faster than a 24, and a good rider on a 29 can beat an average rider on a 36 for top speed.

Is this your first uni?

If so, I’d strongly recommend starting with a smaller wheel, 24-26". Starting on a 29" wheel would be very hard.

If this is a replacement or ugrade uni, then it’s not a bad choice, but keep in mind that this is not a uni for rough riding, it is a street uni, also it is not a uni that is designed for heavy use; think beginner to intermediate user.

As a price break uni, it is not as durable and it is built with heavier components.

If you plan on doing a lot of riding, then you want a good quality 29er, like the Nimbus 29 Road or Drak, these are robust unis that have wide double walled rims, isis hub, strong cranks, strong frame, better components, etc…

I too am interested in this unicycle. I talked to a very helpul UDC staff member last week. Nurse Ben hit the nail on the head. UDC said it’s a good choice for moderate use on paved surfaces. They also said that the trainer has a rider weight limit of about 180 lbs.

The price is very attractive and I may pull the trigger. My intention is to stay on the road for now and try to increase my distance riding. After 2-3 miles on my 24, I’m spent.

Anyone else out there riding the Trainer? How’s the saddle???

skinny 29’s are to compromised

If you just want to put around and learn stuff, a smaller wheel is more fun. If you want to cruise around and fast is important, you will always choose your 36.
Note also, with a 36, you are about 7’ tall, which improves fun along with the view and speed.

Assuming you can already ride smaller wheels ok, 36’s are pretty easy to learn.
The skinny tired 29 with the crap saddle will become a dust collector soon. Note that the word “classic” , when referring to uni saddles, means that it was designed by eastern Europeans with a bad attitude. Buying a KH free ride saddle (for a road ride), or a KH trials (for small wheels), is the best and most common mod uni riders do.

Although it is not the most practical uni in my fleet, I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun on a skinny tired 28. I’ve had two, and my current one has a 23mm tyre and 114mm cranks, and is an interesting challenge on dry cross country riding. Fat tires make it easier, but do we ride unicycles for easy?

My son says that mun is just not fast enough, so I told him he could ride my guni and he said: “no way!”.

I think it’s not the speed so much as it is the technical aspect of riding, which requires far more concentration than a simpler sport (and his fav) like snowboarding.

I ride a unicycle because it’s hard.

Here here!!!