29er on ebay

I just listed a 29er on ebay with a real low reserve. If you’re looking for a 29er at a very good price, have a look.

  • Frank

Damn i was thinking of getting one to ride to classes, but im broke right now. O well … :frowning:


You have a Hunter 29er frame? What hub are using to build it up with? What are you going to use the cheap Schwinn hub for?

Oh yeah, I put a bid on it. You can’t have too many 29ers.


I was just on this 29’r a few nights ago. This thing is in excellent condition, and well maintained. Frank is a really nice guy and a hell of a rider as well. If you’re looking for a 29, you need this.


My Hunter frame is my 26". It was designed to fit the 26 X 3 Gazz and that is a full 28" tall. The 29" tires fit with room to spare. I’ll use a Sem Deluxe hub on it.
I don’t know what I’ll do with the Schwinn hub. I’m following your thread about it and I’m looking forward to hear how it works out. I did some research on the bearing too. The O.D. is listed as 1-9/16". If I did the metric conversion correctly that’s 39.6875mm. That’s surely close enough for the stamped main cap holders.

Back on topic :smiley: By the way, the reserve is 125.00.

This is true; however, my motivation was just to drive up the price so that MoJoe couldn’t afford any more of those Godess-awfull Apple-n-Cinimon car air fresheners. Darn things make me hungery.


Well Chris, I may have to go without the the Apple-n-Cinimon goodness for awhile. I won the auction for Frank’s 29er, so now I’m a two 29er man. The GB4 will be the off-road machine and the black Yuni will be the street machine.

Wine me dine me twenty nine me…


Mojoe,im jelious.you have two 29er’s now and mine is still in pieces yet to be compleated.

but hey,im not an e-bay’er but doesnt it say that earlier bids of the same amount take precedence? how did you win if rage 17 bid $175 before you? does the star have somthing to do with that?if not,what is that star anyhow?


I had set my proxy bid at $175 yesterday. Everytime rage 17 put in a bid lower than mine, it just raises mine up one bid incriment above his high bid. He bid $175, but I had bid it yesterday, so I get it. He didn’t know that my proxy bid was at $175 or he could have bid another dollar and got it. I wasn’t expecting to get it. I thought someone would outbid me for sure. I got lucky this time. I had a bid in on a new 26 inch Sun DoubleWide rim the other day and someone outbid me by a buck and got it for 26 dollars. I wasn’t online at the time, or I would have bid a little more if I had seen it in time.


oh i see,thats pretty tricky,kinda like having somone sitting at the auction all day for you.