29'er Of Doom!!

Is anyone here familiar with a good on/off road 29 setup? like crank size, tires and all that? I’ am also wondering how durable a 29er is, what kind of drops can they take, how easy is it to taco a rim and how much hopping can be done on one.
Any pointers would be great, thanks!!

All of those factors depend on the parts you use. As far as rims go, though I’m not familiar with 29" rims, I’m pretty sure that the wider 24" rims are much wider than the widest 29" rims. I’ve heard only good things about the KH29, and I’m pretty sure it could take quite a bit of abuse. Your hopping will be limited because of the sheer weight of the 29" wheel, but the KH29 is probably the unicycle with the best weight/strength ratio.

The standard KH29 is about as nice as it gets. Everything about it is top notch and ideal for 29er MUni.

For MUni you probably want 137 or 150 cranks. On the road 125 or shorter is good.

How far you can drop depends on your technique and how strong the wheel build is. I’ve dropped my KH29 up to 2 feet, and I generally don’t drop from much higher than that. A 29er wheel certainly is not as ideal for big drops as a smaller diameter one, but a 29er is definitely better for covering bigger distances at higher speeds.

For offroad tires, I’ve used the WTB Stout and WTB Exiwolf. The Stout is good for muddy and loose, and the Exiwolf is good for dry and grippy.

You can’t beat an 07 KH 29 for 350 $


The differences between the 07 and 08 are very small. I would move on that fast, as they likely don’t have very many left.

I have done some fairly big stuff and some pretty tech stuff on my 07KH 29 and its holding up fine. I put the wheel out of true a little, riding at BMW this weekend but it didnt take long to straighten it out and I did do a lot of drops, lots of times.

I use this one for on/offroad riding:


T7 handle for distance, nice brake for downhill and 125mm to keep speed while maintaining the option to brake only with “calf power”.
Havn’t done any drops with my old setup, but I think it will manage 50cm drops if the wheel is build properly.