29er Muni

Here is a video I shot on a section of the Pontatoc Ridge trail in the Catalina mountain foothills near my home in Tucson, Arizona.


Great stuff Tuscon, and what an incredible setting to ride in!

Whoooo Buddy! Looks prickly!!!
Nice… love the quiet. Just birds and MUni sounds.

Yes rugged and prickly. I bought some full-fingered gloves after running my hand through Cat Claw bush a few times. After getting home from this ride, I had to pick some cactus spines out of my hind-quarters. And I managed to bash both sides of my maggies against the rim on that last bit of trail.

Yes, beautiful scenery, but lots of scratchy-pokey things to be avoided. As the summer heat starts to hit, I will be either riding at 5am or driving up the mountain where it can be up to 30 degrees cooler. Luckily I haven’t been chased by any mountain lions (yet)

Hey, I got an awesome!! That’s awesome!!! Maybe it was worth the 3 hours on a half hour trail

Noticed that you like backpacking … that is one of my serious passions. I am a hammock camper and make a lot of my own gear.
You can see some of my backpack videos at:http://www.youtube.com/user/shugemery
Someday I want to do a MUni/Backpack Trip. Sounds hard though…

Nice! I want to get a 29’’ MUni :slight_smile:

Nice trails to ride on, and you showed some great skills. Well done. I was just a little bored by the video, but still great to see some 29’er MUni.

I like 3 things about this video

  1. the background audio - birds cherping. nice editing
  2. the cactus - we dont see this scenery much. nice filming
  3. the technical - this is technically harder than it looks. nice riding.
    I like it. If I were making this video, I’d have edited shorter (2 minutes) and put a song to it, exposing a bit of the background audio.
    But its a nice change from the usual around here. Keep it up! -phth

Thanks for the great comments!

This one of my first videos. I did the editing pretty quickly. I agree that I could have edited it a little tighter. The flip side to that is that it shows of the scenery more with the longer cuts. I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to overlay audio yet. I just got the camera last week. Yes, that trail is way harder than it looks. I do very little hopping, so when I am riding over some really gnarly, rocky terrain, it looks pretty smooth (especially with the big wheel). The very last piece of trail I had never attempted before. I was glad to make it down it and get it on video.

Here’s another one: Awesome!!

Absolutely great landscape and it looks so cool, smooth and easy when you are rolling up and down all those rocks and stones. You could have only topped it if you were using relaxed music in addition to the ambient sounds. (I hope this sentence is a little bit English at all :smiley: )

Since we’re all jaded tighter cuts are usually appreciated, but paired with the real sounds of the place I agree that the scenery deserved to be showcased. I got a familiar sense of what it is like to be out on a trail by oneself. Good job documenting that, it can be tough to share the spotlight with the ground you are riding.

I tend to try pretty hard to pick up the actual difficulty of the terrain in videos, and I definitely noticed that this was a tough trail. Not as obviously steep as some, but that surface had long stretches of unrelenting rock and appeared not to offer a bailout easy line.

Not hopping can be hard and your smooth style impressed me on that trail. It’s a definite skill.

Congratulations, you looked like a 29er pro.

When I get a chance (I’ve been getting home from work around 9pm so far this week), I plan on making a slightly tighter-cut version. I will probably just leave the sound as is for this one. If I make another video, I will experiment with adding music.

Here is a new (shorter) version of my video. No music for this one (maybe my next video).