29er in the snow

My first “real” unicycle video. Editing sure is hard work! Note blooper reel at the end :slight_smile:

There’s not that much snow in this vid, but it’s snowing a lot right now so tomorrow should be good!

Nice work on the video. That looks like a fun place to ride around.

nice video :slight_smile:

Kult og se at det er flere norske enhjulssyklere, er det flere enn deg i nærområdet ditt?

Thanks! The ruin site is small but nice, has lots of varying difficulty tracks. This was pretty much the easiest one.

Jeg har konvertert naboen min, han er den eneste andre jeg kjenner. Han kjører ikke stier ennå, men det kommer vel snart!
(sorry for the bork bork, davidp…)

This is the tire. Heavy metal!

Here’s a short one from last week, with a bit more snow, doing some downhill runs.