29'er handle?

So, again excuse my lack of up to date knowledge in this area, but is there a handle out there that attaches to the seat post ( not welded to it but freely attaches) for a 29’er?

It seems that the GB style handle as well as the one that Dave built for Ben leads to some limitations to the type of seat one can use… due to the method of attaching directly to the seat base. The one Andy Cotter used on his Coker appears to be welded directly to the frame…correct?

Anyways, I am seeking a simple handle option that will not result in a lot of additional expense and modification on my 29’er. Currently I have a Bedford frame, a very short seat post and a regular KH seat.

Any suggestions?

Hi Erin!

Andy’s ground-breaking attachment is clamped onto the frame. Paul Wyganowski built it. It requires about an inch or so of vertical seatpost, but there is an angle that has to clear your front bumper/handle so it has to be lower than just below the bottom of the seat. How much, I’m not sure. Also, my experience with one was that having it just clear the front handle made the vertical riser too high. However, Paul could probably make that shorter for you.


The seats that are compatible with the GBDS handle are Miyata and CF. The Miyata needs to be stiffened.

The GBDS handle is very similar to the GB4 commuter handle, except that it is designed to handle a) brake lever installation, b) headlight, c) topside cyclometer mount, and d) use of ODI grips. It also provides crash protection for the handle, which the GB4 does not.

However, the GB4 is less expensive. They are of the same ease of installation, since they use the same mounting technique. If you do not have brakes, the GB4 or Reeder handle are good options, as is the Kinport.

The Wyganowski handles are not a stock item. That means he can make one to your specifications. Note the one on Andy’s Wyganowski/Coker attaches to the seat tube, not the seat post.

I also have a Wyganowski handle, purchased used from Bronson Silva. His was also made to attach to the Coker’s seat tube, not the seat post. This makes it a better fit for me, as I prefer a low handle.

The weakness in mine is the single bolt on each side, holding the two halves of the thing onto the unicycle. This seems like an awful lot of stress on two small spots. I think He has made later ones with four bolts.

Ultimately, you could have a custom frame built, with the handle incorporated into it. This would save your seat from the extra stress of handles and being pulled on. No bumpers required.

I want to design a new handle for mine, figuring out a method for adjustable handles, with brake and computer mounts. It’s just a question of making the time to work on such a project…

Wow, thanks for the very detailed answers guys!

Ah yes, I see how the Wyganowski handle is attached to the seat tube now. Oh, that’s a good idea for me as I don’t have a long enough seat post with only an inch protruding from the seat tube and I would prefer to not have to cut down the frame to accommodate a handle. As well, a handle mounted on the tube would allow me to avoid making significant changes to the seat. I do have a Miyata air seat that I could get a stiffener for but I actually find a stock KH seat to be more comfortable.

Well, John if you do ever get around to desiging your own handle and are looking for a home for your Wyganowski handle let me know… I am pretty light and would expect to be easy on the two bolt attachment so it could work alright for me. :slight_smile:

Actually, as I search through various posts on handles most applications are related to Cokers. So it doesn’t seem very popular to have a handle such as the GB or Wyganowski on a 29’er with the exception of Ben and Dave’s endurance uni.

Why is that? Do people not ride their 29’ers for long distances therefore being uninclined to think about the comfort a handle could provide when spending a long time in the saddle?

We are planning to do some 29’er ‘tours’, as it were. And I think the handle would contribute significantly to my comfort when riding lots of km’s on the 29’er. But hey, I could be all wrong and going to all kinds of research and thought for not!

What do you think? 29’er riders have you ever thought of adding a handle to your fine one wheeled speed machine? Or perhaps there are some of you out there who DO ride with handles on your 29’ers…now is your chance to share…move right up to the microphone…

I have a left hand Reeder handle on my 29-er and find it invaluable for steep hills (up and down) and extra stability on roads.

But I’d love to have try something like the handles mentioned above i.e. longer and usable for support/seat shifting and attached to the seat post rather than the base.

I don’t have access to welding equipment otherwise I’d try and make something.

Hopefully someone will start to offer a reasonably priced commercial handle for 29-er commuting, in the same way as the Reeder is available for muni.

Here’s what I made to remedy the “handle problem” on my Coker. It had very little seat post exposed to mount a handle, so this handle doubles a a seatpost clamp. A design like this may work well on your 29’r :slight_smile:


I use a regular GB4 handle on my 29er and I love it.

Btw what is wrong with the kh handle?
I have never really riden a big wheel any distance but i can’t see what is wrong with a kh handle?

Its true that the regular handle is a good thing to have on a saddle but an extension allows for more shifting of weight on the seat. And being able to shift your weight when on a long distance ride is most welcome! :smiley:

Ben as soon as you do a few long 29’er ride you will most definitely know how pleasant it would be to have a extension handle out front.

Here is another view of a Wyganowski handle, this one from Unirene’s. Her whole setup, frame and handle, is Wyganowski.

irgbar crop.jpg

Wow. that’s pretty sweet!

Tom do you have any idea if that handle is very heavy…I’m wondering if it would weigh down my nice sleek light road touring 29’er.

I really don’t know on the weight. I didn’t think to ask her, and there was no way I could try her Coker because it’s custom to her and she’s taller than me and longer in leg.

Not sure if she’s active or online these days, but you might try a PM to Unirene.

I have the latest incarnation of the GB/U-turn handle, and really like it. Downside is it’s a seat mount, not post, which is what you were looking for.

Here’s my dad’s latest design. He loves it, easy view of the cyclometer, plenty of hand positions, and not terribly expensive to make (Minus the time).

I really like the thought of a long handle for my 29-er; currently I find myself using the short Reeder a lot when on the roads becasue it makes it a lot more stable and is good for sensing the road surface (as well as it’s obvious role on steep up/down hills).

But I really don’t like riding around with my hand constantly in front of my crotch, as well as looking a bit stupid it also isn’t as good as a long handle for leverage and seat shifting.

So, as someone who’s never built a handle and has no skill at welding, or access to equipment; any suggestions?

Are there places you can take a seat clamp, bit of metal and handle, who’ll weld them at a reasonable price- what would they come under in the phone book description?

Some of the above photos seem to not use a seat clamp- is it two unicycle bottom bracket bearing holders instead?

Where can I get a suitable length of metal?

And, would those narrow racing handle things that pro road racers attach to the centre of their handlebars be usable here? Or is the T-bar end as shown in above photos the best solution?

Lastly, any other suggestions and, is there a non-welding version of these handles?

BTW, I’m really impressed by the handles that people have made and posted pics of, it’s good to see such innovation.

http://gallery.unicyclist.com/john_childs_misc/JC_Coker_Handle_Beta1 is all I have to say.

Kh seat? that has a handle

As mentioned, you can’t really take the weight off your behind with the handle on a KH. It is designed primarily as a lift handle, but would do OK for short distance 29ing and muni on a 29er. The GB has two handles that face forwards and allow the rider to hold themselves up slightly using one or both hands. So are more suited to long distance rides. Not that they aren’t great doing a bit of off-road or just going up and down the street :smiley:

My JC Coker handle was designed to be made with no welding. See the threads:
JC Coker Handle (revision Beta 2)
JC Coker Handle (revision Beta 3)

My current handle extension is all aluminum and is lighter than the steel solutions.

It does get a bit expensive though. You need to buy an adjustable stoker stem. At full retail the stoker stems are a bit spendy. Fortunately they can be found on ebay and other sources for less than retail. The rest is parts from a shop that sells used bike parts and some standard 1-1/8" and 7/8" aluminum tubing.

Forgive my ignorance, but wouldn’t UPD’s end up being rather… err… interesting?

I’m actually thinking of getting one when I buy my 29 inch unicycle some time in the distant future.