29er frame dead end

im looking for a frame for my new 29er.

i want to run a v-brake without useing a RAD adapter… other than finding a torch and welding some brake bosses on,i can find nobody thats making such a thing…

ive been trying to get JD on the phone about maybe getting a Hunter built for a 29er but no luck yet.

i would like to avoid spending $400 on a frame so if you know of any other options please tell me.

the Yuni’s are out of the question because i dont like 22.2 seat tubes.

well, what size seatpost do you like? we here have the ability to make frames to custom specs. although we may not have any tubing at the molment and have various other orders…

the inner diameter of 27.2 is my all time favorite…


Can do any size, shape, etc.

Have done coker sized twin tube frame and I have one for my own 29er.

why not get some bosses brazed on?

brazed on to what? there isnt a 29er frame with a bigger than 22.2 seat tube around to braze them too.

how much $ for a 29er frame with a 27.2 inner diameter seat tube and brake bosses?

why don’t you just email rick?


i’ve been talking to him about a hunter frame to accommodate the hs33 brakes. he’s cool to deal with. it might take a couple of days for a response though.

good luck

ok,i just did.

Can the 26inch YUni frame accommodate a 29?


Send Paul Wyganowski a message too. He does Coker, trials, and freestyle frames; I’m sure he’d do a 29er too. Brake bosses and all.

Great choice of colors too (basically anything I wanted).

Paul Wyganowski


If you go to the scroll-down menu, there’s a 28-inch option. Here: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=592