29er Downhill?

The title says it all pretty much but anyways, I’m getting a QX series disc 29" (first of all is this a good muni?) and I was wondering if 29" downhill is even doable?


Yes, my 29er is my smallest wheel, I have even done some moderate DH trails on a 36er. It’s not the wheel size that’s at issue, but your comfort level and the way the uni is outfitted. Get the biggest and fattest tire you can fit.

If you have the cash, I’d wait on the Surly Knard tire to come out in November, then get an Oregon built with a 29" rim, that’s what I’ll be riding and it’ll be the best you can get for 29" DH.

I assume the surly knard wouldn’t fit on the QX frame?

no the kanard will not fit in a quax frame

The 29er is a great all rounder… I have taken mine down some hairy stuff!!!

does this mean that the knard will fit?:smiley:

Yes it does. The Quax frame is narrower than a kh

sorry, your answer doesn’t make any sense. First you said yes it does implying that it will fit and then you say the QX is too narrow.

It will fit into the kh-frame though?



The kanard will fit in a KH but not a quax. the quax is narrower than the KH

oh, thanks

Will it fit the new 29 oracle?

not sure. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will fit in the drak also.

if it does there won’t be very much space between the tire and your frame.

i know! somone make a big 29er frame!

Ok! :slight_smile: I’m now in a welding school, I was considering making a 26x3’’ Muni frame, but now I’m considering getting a 29’’ rim and a Surly Knard for Muni. I’ll make a plan for a 29’’ frame that would fit a 3’’ wide tire, with double brake mounts for 26’’ and 29’’, I might aswell put a Disk brake mount just in case :wink:

That wont be really soon though, I just started welding, and I have the nicest welds in my class :slight_smile:

that sounds so cool. And nice work on the welds:)