29'er custom build

I am starting my first “from scratch” unicycle build and its a 29’er. any build lists? wheel sets? what to stay away from?

Ill be using it mostly for single track muni with light technical( 1m or less drops).

KH 29 Frame, have it stripped and powdercoated for ~$35
KH Freeride 47mm Rim, wide and strong
KH Freeride Seat, cushy :slight_smile:
KH Adjustable seat post with new forged base, stronger than pinned style
Nimbus Hub with double butted spokes and SS nips, strong and light
Nimbus Venture II cranks, 150-165, whatever your perference, lightweight and strong, low Q for better clearance and smoother spinning.
Odyssey Twisted PC pedals, light and less pedal bite
Magura Frankenbrake from Brycer, more range, less grabby :slight_smile:
KH Touring bar or custom grab handle (see my thread on revews)
Maxxis Ardent 2.4 with HD tube, best 29er tire yet!

-Disc brake set up using bearing holder styled hanger, would require a different cranks, a little more expensive than rim brakes
-Triton ti frame, more dollars.
-K1 160 cranks, these are what I ride now, heavy like Moments, but the only 160 cranks available.

are you going to build the frame or a build up ?