29er and a Horse. Christmas Ride Report!

Well, I went with a ride today with my dad Brian and Tommy. Who’s Tommy you ask? Well, Tommy is my dad’s horse. We hit up some nice gravel roads, which are super smooth in the places where the cars drive. It is smoother than concrete, which is awesome. Really awesome :slight_smile: .

We were amazed at how the horse didn’t seem to care too much about the uni, usually bikes scare horses. Tommy (remember, thats the horse) didn’t get spooked as long as I was in front of him. The one thing that did scare him was a huge wooden moose on someones lawn. He went right up to it and the moose and the people in the house gave us the funniest looks. Everyone we went by was curious. One family came out to see the horse, and the uni.

So we went for a few kilometers. I have no clue how far it really was since I don’t have a cyclecomputer and the horse doesn’t have a pedometer. Man, I could be rich if I invented a horse pedometer.

The 29er is a great ride. For those of you who don’t know what my 29er is, which should be just about all of you:
KH Velo seat
Standard post
3 bolt seat post clamp
Bedford frame
Seuze cotterless hub
KH 29er rim
Kenda Klaw tire
Crappy pedals
125mm cranks

I love it. It is lighter than my Torker DX 24" by quite a bit, and the Torker didn’t have a seat or post on it.

Fun. Lots of fun. A great Christmas day.

well, bikes have a lot of clicking noises from shifting and such. plus on a bike you are a lot bigger, and look more like a predator. on a unicycle you look like a human…which is what you are.

Also bikes coast, I think that scares the horses a bit.

One of my favorite things about the uni is it’s silent.