29" XC GUNI Rim Options

My geared hub should arrive this week. I’ve pretty much settled on building up a 29" GUNI, primarily for off road XC use.

Apart from the KH29 rim, are there any other rims people recommend checking out?



wide rims are really nice for unicycles but there are allot of lighter but skinnier rims out there that should be strong enough. Check out the 29er forums on MTBR.com, they know there stuff (as far as bikes go)

You just have to be careful to get a 36h rim as most 29er rims are 32h.

A narrower rim might be okay for road, but on anything even vaguely interesting (ie. the sort of things where you don’t want the tyre at 60 PSI), 29er tyres tend to wobble sideways too much, particularly when you hit roots, rocks or off camber sections. 29er tyres just aren’t beefy enough in the sidewalls to stay in shape - they’re not designed for the big side loads you can get unicycling.

I’d be tempted to build up my 29er with a road rim, but I’d have to accept it being a pure road unicycle.


Thanks guys. I had a dig around, for better or worse I’m going to give this one a go, the RHYNO LITE XL, 29.2mm wide. I’ll keep the original wheel as is, in case of problems with the geared hub.

Do you mean 29.2mm narrow? Why anyone would want to use a rim narrower than the KH29 for offroad riding is beyond me. You’ll have to run a higher tire pressure than a wider rim would require, which I think will make offroad riding less enjoyable. Good luck, and let us know how it goes, I guess.

I’m interested to see how it goes myself, I tend to run a reasonably high pressure for XC on the 29 so not sure how big an issue that will be. Can always kit it up later as a road wheel, paper weight or something… it could even be I end up riding the 29 GUNI more on road than off, who knows!

Thank you for the support and encouragement :stuck_out_tongue: