29" tube in 36" tire (the easy way)

It seems as though many riders have had trouble installing a 29" tube in a 36" tire lately, so I decided to try it and share my secrets:D
I will admit I do have a bit of an advantage due to changing many motorcycle tires in the past and knowing how to deal with mounting stiff, difficult tires.
I do have a stock Coker rim which many say is easier to change than an Airfoil. Here’s step by step instructions as to how I installed my 29" tube in less than 5 minutes. (yes, I actually timed myself).
I used a WTB 700c x 52/47 tube.

  1. Overinflate the tube and let it set overnight to allow it to stretch.

  2. Remove wheelset from frame and place in direct sunlight for a few hours prior to step 3 to allow it to become warm and more pliable.

  3. Deflate tire completely and remove only one side of tire from the rim.

  4. Remove 36" tube.

  5. Apply powder to the 29" tube while overinflated.

  6. Deflate 29" until it reaches its normal diameter without any bulges in tube.

  7. Install valve stem in hole in rim and stretch tube around the entire rim while installing it in the tire.

  8. Starting at the valve stem, place your thumbs against the side of the rim which has the tire already mounted and use your fingers to “roll” the tire towards you and onto the rim. (the unmounted side should be facing away from you). Be sure that the bead is seated as deeply into the center of the rim and that the tube is not pinched under the bead of the tire.
    This method should allow you to get all but about 12" of the tire onto the rim (depending on your hand strength).

  9. Using 2 tire levers, CAREFULLY roll the remaining unmounted side of the tire onto the rim.
    To make this process easier, be sure that the bead of the tire is as deep into the center of the rim where you have just previously mounted both sides of the tire.

  10. Inflate tire and check the bead to be sure it is seated all the way around the rim.

  11. Install wheelset on frame and start riding

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Im new, so be nice!..

but,… may I ask why people install smaller tubes into bigger tires?..


The 29 tube is far lighter than the stock Coker tube.

The theroy behind installing a smaller, lighter tube in a 36" tire is to reduce rotational mass and make the 36" unicycle more “user friendly”.
As Dirtsurfer stated, the 29" tube is CONSIDERABLY lighter and really helps to tame the "Beast “(36” uni)
I just got back from doing a short 3 mile ride and noticed immediately that it is easier to get rolling and also quite a bit easier to decelerate :slight_smile:

Many ways to skin a cat! Thanks, Kenny.