29" Triton Schlumpf

Hi guys!

Remember me? I used to be a regular on here when I unicycled loads. Sadly, my knees can’t take it any more, so I am sadly putting my Triton-Sponge Schlumpf uni up for sale.

Please see my eBay listing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171871001236

If you’ve got any questions, or comments, please reply here or via eBay.

Many thanks!


Injecting pics… :wink:

Thanks… I was just coming back to do that :smiley:


Just drooled on my phone screen!

If only this had gone up in about 4 weeks…

Whoever wins this is lucky!

Yeah, sorry about the screen #NotSorry :smiley:



Only 3 days to go on this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171871001236

Grab yourself the uni of your dreams before it’s too late :sunglasses:

I’m soooo tempted.
I just wish that it would be cheaper to ship to Germany. I just tried calculating it with parcelforce, but the website doesn’t seem to work after a while.
Do you have any advice?


Although I cannot see the limits on the website, Parcelforce tells me it exceeds either weight or size limits - but it will give me a price for UK delivery.

I know companies like UPS or TNT will be able to ship it, but I expect they’ll be very expensive :frowning:

Haven’t you wanted to book a holiday to the UK though? :wink:


I’m seriously considering that option.