29" Trainer Unicycle Made by UDC

Will this unicycle hold up after normal road riding? I’m looking for a bigger wheel and it seems like this is a very good price for a 29". The other bigger wheels tend to be pretty expensive. Has anyone bought this and road it? How did it hold up according to the price?

Here are the results from the Unicycle Product Reviews section with some comments about trainers including the 29"er from UDC. Perhaps you can find some useful information there.

I’ve also read the reviews section for this, found just the one post which seemed reasonably favorable, and I bought one last week. (Perhaps someone can move this thread over to the reviews section if that’s deemed appropriate.)

I’ve only been riding it for 2 days, and I’ve never ridden any other 29s for comparison. But I logged about 4 miles on it yesterday, and probably another mile the day before. It rides well and seems solid. I’m still acclimating to the leverage difference between a 24 and 29, which accounts for my abrupt end-of-trip yesterday (didn’t have sufficient leverage to keep the wheel rolling at about 9 mph, for some reason, which threw my balance and forced me to take a step off with substantial force on my foot - mild ankle sprain). I’ll chalk that up to user error; I’ve only been riding for a few months.

I was also riding with a heavy backpack which certainly contributed, although I’ve been riding with that backpack on my 24" without noticing anything like this. I don’t know if that’s solely due to leverage and tire size/weight, or if it’s a component quality issue.

I actually like the seat more than most, from the “sitting” perspective. The “handle” around the front is hard to grip and my fingers hurt from grabbing it. I’ll probably be adding some padding under the seat to address that.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchase. And I bet that I’ll wind up with another 29" in a year or two, and this seems like it will be sufficient until then. Perhaps after I buy a 36er hmmmm :slight_smile:

Congrats on your choice!
I’ve had this budg model almost two years and never had a problem; I did, however, do some upgrades which really improved it (listed in order of importance for me):

KH seat -big improvement, worth every penny
Schwalbe Big Apple tire- ditto
Homemade handlebar - ditto
Cranks, after I started hopping
KH adjustable seat post

I’ve never gone more than 8 miles on a single road ride, and I’ve ridden a bit on some hard-packed dirt trails, no problems.

Of course you can get used to anything, but I try to avoid wearing packpacks; I have a large waistpack which keep the weight in small of my back. (I’ve found the higher I am over the road and the higher the weight is, the more I’m affected by a backpack.)

I ride 20, 24, and 26, but the 29 is definitely my favorite! (And I’m sure 36 will be next)

Here’s a link to the 29" trainer on the UK site-


I did notice it when it first popped up as the price of £115 is very good for a 29-er.

It looks like a decent uni for the price, but, it does have a steel rim, which struck me as it’s major negative point.

It would be good to see the same model but with a cheap but decent aluminium rim, and, it’d be interesting to see what the price would be.

Got mine from UDC US, and it has an aluminum rim.