29" Tires - Will these fit

Does anyone has experience with these on a 29"?

Schwalbe Blizzard Sport

Schwalbe Marathon

How does it hold with road and offroad rides?

The first one is 700x23, which is too narrow for a plausible 29er; that’s a road bike tire size.

The Marathon is probably fine; a number of people have ridden variants of that tire. It’s still relatively narrow, so it’ll be better for road riding than off road.

This one is nice:

I have it on my Nimbus 29".

Rather than get jumped on by the “use search” brigade, mind if I hijack this thread with a related question?

Does anyone know of an MTB 29" tyre that will fit a nimbus 29" road uni?

I know there’s not much clearence, has anyone tried this with a small tread pattern off-road tyre?

I’ve been told by UDC that the Stout 2.3" will fit on the stock Nimbus 29.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it wouldn’t fit if you had a wider rim than stock.

Since the Kenda Klaw is thinner, I’m sure it’ll fit.

I’ve heard good things about the Racing Ralph, but the 2.4" may be too wide.

If you can get a measurement of the Stout inflated and a measurement of the Nimbus frame. I’ve seen the Nimbus frame and it looked big enough. The stout measure slightly less that 2.35", ~ 2.25" actual width which is really not that wide. UDC should be able to measure the frame for you.

The distance between the forks on a recent Nimbus 29" frame is 3-1/8 ". How much clearance does one need on a tire for mud and wobble and other factors?