29" tires on sun 28

Okay so i have been riding my sun 28 for a while and have been thinking about maybe putting a 29" tire with a little more grip cause i have found some people that might be interested in riding XC. im not sure what tires will actually fit the sun 28 that are 29" i was thinking about something like the WTB nanoraptor, any suggestions.

The other two big XC tires seem to be The Big Apple tire and the Kenda Klaw tire. I ride a Kenda Klaw and I really like it, but I don’t know about clearance so you should ask someone else before buying one.


I have been riding an 29 on mine from day one. actually never rode it with the 28 inch tyre. butt, I must worn you I bent my rim up really bad becuse I had low tyre presher in the tyre and when I turned it bent the rim evrey time be carful and keep the rim spokes tyetened. sorry for the spelling.

What tire did you put on your sun. I am not sure what tire fits on the sun 28.
if anyone could just tell me a few tires cause i have no idea.

check this thread out >> here

and check out Sun Frame Measurements

In short: the sun frame won’t fit a 29er.


I’ve heard that someone used a file to remove the few millimeters of frame required to accomodate a 29" tire.

I think the same person also fitted their Sun 29 with a KH seat and a blue cathode light :astonished:

I would also like to get a 29" tire on my Sun, but I, too, need to first straighten my rim …

OKay thanks a lot everyone for your input. It looks like im gona have to upgrade my frame first if i decide its worth it.

I did a fair bit of research into 29er tyres and listed all those currently available that looked suitable, with links. If you do a search for posts by me you will find them, I also reviewed the Bontrager Jones XR 29 which was my final choice.


I used and prefer the Bontranger Jones tyre too.