29 t0 36

I’ve had a 29 for over a year and a 36 for 8 months…but going back and forth is sometimes tricky for me. I seem to overpedal when I ride the 29… so much so that I came off it the other day and landed on the side of a sidewalk and rolled my ankle…broken fibula and in a walking cast…hopefully I will be back in a month. addictions, addictions…

Sorry to hear of your injury; I broke mine in a similar manner at the beginning of the year. But I’m back riding, and you will be too!

I also transition between 29 and 36. I don’t usually have much trouble with the 29, but I sometimes feel awkward on the 36 when I first start, especially if I haven’t ridden it in a while. Practice, practice, practice. . . .

It seems strange to say but my 29 seems so small now since I started riding a 36. A year and half ago I started on a 20 in…

nasty hope you heal quickly

I ride a 19" and 26" and chop about on those all week long and my brain just gets on with it.

At first I had issue free mounting as I was so focused on one it would effect the other and vice versa but now my body just knows how to do it differently on both without thinking.

Again good luck with your recovery


Bummer about the leg, not sure what to say about wheel size transitions.

I do the same transition, 29 to 36 quite often, sometimes I rode both wheels back to back. I do notice having to make a correction in my cadence when dropping down a wheel size so I don’t spin out, then when going up a wheel size I often use more body language to “force the wheel” until I get comfortable.

When you get back to riding, maybe it’d be worth doing some slow riding practice on the 29, just so you feel more comfortable when dropping down a wheel size.

Heal fast!

Take some rest friend and heal ASAP and the next time you ride that thing try to take a bit caution… I hope you get well soon.

Get a 32" (once you have healed) … it fills the gap nicely :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your well wishes and suggestions/comments…I want to start swimming next week and ride soon afterwards…Addicted


Best wishes and I hope your back riding ASAP.

I rode my mountain bike today with my walking cast on. Felt good. I can’t believe my wife did not object…She threatened me that I BETTER NOT take it off for any reason… Hopefully I will be swimming in a week or two. Foot is swelled and black and blue but not much pain. No pain at all biking…

What :astonished: How’d you get away with that!

OK, luck you, she still cares. :smiley: