29 street!


Hope you enjoy, i was bored so i filmed it. :roll_eyes:

Sorry, that doesnt work i put out the real link soon!

lol i like the doubleflip down the one set

:smiley: it looks cool

wow nice double flip !! :slight_smile:
now you have to go big!! handrails, +7sets or something like that ^^
and with a 29" you can gap really far! (I can gap +3m with a 29") :smiley:

very cool.

That was a cool video. I liked the double flip.

You should make another 29 street video with a few more locations in it.

YYeah, i gof a 12set handrail next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, i know but it was raining and i didnt have time to go into the city for ride :smiley: