29 Street II

Hey, here is my new vid with my 29"


Watch in HD! :slight_smile:

I like comments :slight_smile:

That was cool! You’re better on your 29er than I am on my 20! And it looked pretty clean, too bad for your broken spoke…

that was sick!!! awesome! i really liked it :smiley: how did you do all that on a 29", i cant even do it on my 20"!!!

and buy the way what are the specs on you 29"??
thanks for posting this video.

I love how not one clip of this video is street.

Hickflip is pretty impressive though on a 29"

Sorry but i forgot to change the name :stuck_out_tongue: i SAS pretty tired even i uploaded it, sorry

Nice tricks on the 29".
What’s the song?

Cool! It’s really hard to do flips on big wheels, double was sick :o
You should go get some rails and stuff at a skatepark, really wanna see some real street on 29, cause I think this is more flat :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, i want to do some real street too, but its real hard to take the 29" with me on my scooter :stuck_out_tongue: and the bus it seems abit funny to come with so big unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all for great comments :smiley:

nice jumps… hope to be able to do such things one day on my 29er
and as for bus… if it’s not crowded and you can take space for wheelchairs or baby strollers then it does not look that bad.

Nice vid :wink:
double flip and hickflip are insane :slight_smile:

And it is possible to take 29" on your scooter… I do it sometimes :roll_eyes:
Just take a very large tube, but it over one pedal and over the seat=> so you can just take it on your back ^^