29" speed

I am trying to decide whether go for the 29" or 36".
I will use it for riding the forest trails - distances not longer than 50 km.
36" will surely be faster but my car (VW Polo) might not have enough space for it.
How fast do you ride your 29"?

size Avg High
20" 3 mph 8 mph
24" 5 mph 10 mph
29" 7 mph 14 mph
36" 11 mph 22 mph

That’s from the unicycling page on wikipedia.


Could someone post a video with 29" ride?
I do not have an opportunity to try it and have no idea how does the ride look like - how much does it differ from 24" and 36"

I think a 36" should fit in your Polo unless you’re really tall or get a big handlebar system; those can add a lot of car-fit difficulty to the cycles. For best results try to get your hands on one so you can test-fit it…


I`m 194cm :slight_smile:
I found a guy who works for the same company and owns a 36 Qu-ax :slight_smile:
The world is a small thing :slight_smile:

I’ve doubled that 22mph speed. :smiley: :smiley:

^ 44mph on a coker?


Those speeds all seem high to me

I have never tried a 29. It is geared about 20% lower then a 36. It’s level here, so I wish for an even larger wheel, higher gear.
But with a 29 you could get a KH:) , and better off road tires. I wouldn’t worry to much about how tall you are. It doesn’t take very long to remove and replace the seat. Just mark the post for your favorite spot.
I was timed by a radar sign on the 36 a 9 mph recently. And that was faster then my cruising speed. I would guess it depends more how hilly and rough your off road course is. If you really want a 36, I bet you can find a way to bung it to your car.

I have found that a 29er is not that much slower than a coker on rough ground, possibly faster in some circumstances infact. If it’s very smoothe the coker will kick ass but any mud, drops, roots etc. will bring your speed right down, while affecting the 29er muhc less. And you can easily get atleast 2 cokers in a Polo, my friend does it frequently, you just need to fold the seats down.

3mph average on a 20"?

thats less than walking speed…

i can keep up with my dad (riding a bike) on my 20" uni for quite a long distance soooooooooo…


and what about the unicycle races?
isn’t the record for 100m dash on a 24" uni somthing like 18mph?WITH limited crank length?

those are stupid, the average is 8 for a 20 inch, 12 for a 24 inch, 29er idk and 36er’s are super fast, get the 36er, you wont regret it.

If you can hold 12mph over a reasonable distance on a 24" I suggest you get in to unicycle racing fast and bet on yourself heavily.


8 miles per hour for a 20 inch? I seriously doubt that those are credible numbers, unless you think of your ass as a reliable source. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with on that one. :smiley:

(at Hazmat) Come on, you just claimed to have done 44mph on a coker :roll_eyes:
That would be a 440rpm cadence!
Pot and kettle…

not doable with the 44mph on a coker…not even with a geared hub.

Uni Speeds

The following formulas give the speed of a uni of wheel diameter D pedaled at a cadence C (that is rpm = rev/min)

Imperial system (mph): Speed = D*P/336.1

SI: (km/h): Speed = D*P/208.9

So the speed of a Coker pedaled at 150 rpm would be 16 mph = 26 km/h.

It is hard to imagine much higher speeds, but I don’t know what a expert rider can achieve.

The fastest I’ve ever done on a coker sized wheel was 21.5MPH slightly downhill with 110mm cranks and it was very very unstable just from the cadence wobble. Don’t see how much faster you could really go without falling

There are reliable accounts of people hitting almost 30mph on a coker, downhill with short cranks, and not for long.
The RPM on a coker happens to work out pretty close to 10rpm per mph, so that would be something approaching 300rpm cadence, which is way more than I can do but not absolutely ridiculous (unlike Hazmat’s 44mph claim!).
Plenty of good coker riders can do 20mph or so stably.
Personally I don’t feel safe riding faster than 15mph (on 150s), and usually stay around 12 or 13.

Just remembered this is a 29er thread… getting a bit off-topic.