29" Rims

For the year 2002 gary fisher www.fisherbikes.com has produced two mountain bikes using 29" wheels. The rims are made by Bontrager and the tires are made by IRC. Maybe Coker riders could use these rims? :thinking:

the 29ers

wow those are way overpriced,nobody is gonna risk $2500.oo for that.i see a flop here.

as for Coker riders using the rims,i’d say no way, the rims only come in 28 and 24 hole drillings.

gary is crazy to spec that bike with a radial laced 24 spoked front wheel. can you say taco?

thanks for the link though.i needed a good laugh.i have issues with Gary,he stepped on alot of people to get were he is.

Re: the 29ers

I wouldn’t mind having one of those if the price came down a couple of grand.

I have Gary to thank for my adventures into unicycling. I bought one of his $400 bikes about 5 years ago, and have been beating the crap out of it ever sense. I planned on buying another mountain bike whenever it conked out, but the bike turned out to be bulletproof. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a new mountainbike when I still had one that was perfectly functional, so last year I bought a unicycle instead. I haven’t spent much time on the Fisher since. :slight_smile:


the price does come down, when you just purchase a cyclecross bike and put flat handlebars on it.thats all it is.

it is my personal belief that with or without a Gary Fisher mt. bike. You would have discovered the miracle of the “unicycle”

Re: the 29ers

Not that I have the money to drop, but this is not unushual for the high-mid range bike market. The spoke design is not uncommon ether- look around, and you will find many radial downhill MTB wheels- and with FEWER spokes. There are those out there who will pay 300% more for nominal increases in perfomance. While I would feel better with an ultra-solid wheel, many serious racers are more concerned with shaving time off the clock.

Dollar per dollar, you get more for your money out of a high end MTB than a high end MUni- I’m a bit suprised you would consider droping $1300 on a KH or Wilder, then scoff at the price of a much more complex device.

Performance MUni’s now are like early laptop computers: expensive. My Cannondale is a great example of what a scale econnomy could do for Uni’s- incredible technology at s palatable price. Maybe someday we will see Trek and Cannondale unicycles at less than half the price of current performance unicycles. With all the recent inovations in frame design (function and cost), that day is getting closer all the time. :smiley:


alright whatever that was my opinion, if i have to be the bad guy fine.this thread is about the wheels not shock of prices

dropping $1300 on a KH or Wilder is no comparison to $2500 on a bike that has been made before,and yes a big wheel on a "mtb"is nothing more than a cyclecross bike with a flat handlebar(dont give me the math please)

the KH and Wilder are new to this planet and the prices will be a premium,and dollar for dollar as you say,who’s to say who gets more for there money?once again its an opinion__________peace