29 Plus for your new Hatchet?

29plus wheelset set up tubeless.

125mm Nimbus hub with bearings
29" Rabbit Hole
split tube
120tpi Knard 80% tread left
Orange rim strip

$225 USA Shipped

Item still available?

Please email alex.klar@obg.com

I’t seems a little suspicious that you’ve only had 8 posts and they’ve all been in the trading
post section. As well as the fact that you refer to my wheel as an “item”.

Not sure what is so suspicious? Looking to buy a muni for my son. If you want my business, send me a note to my e-mail if not, then not.

But your first post was asking to buy an impact reagent… Admittedly even I’m suspicious of you. I’ll be watching

Alex - it’s not that unicyclists are a suspicious group, it’s just that many of us have had unfortunate experiences with scammers, and you just showing up and trying to buy several unicycles seemed unusual. Good luck finding a muni for your son; I wish I had a dad that had bought me one!

@ everyone else - If you just stick someone’s email in Google you can find out a lot; In this case that the poster has been around, has a legitimate business email address, and doesn’t seem to be hiding anything. I’m pretty sure Alex is a perfectly fine guy to deal with. (Sorry to invade your privacy, Alex)


Thanks Sam!

Item no longer for sale. Thread closed.