29 Oracle?

It’s crown height, not width, that is at issue. You can see how tight this tire is by looking at the Knard mounted in a KH 29 at the UDC.UK blog.

If you think 1/8" is sufficient rock and mud clearance, then buy the tire, let us know how that works out for ya’ :roll_eyes:

BTW, this is a Surly Tire, so it will not come cheap, think >$100.

And finally, I spoke to Josh today, and I asked him again about the Oracle 29 crown change and he said that the incoming Oracle 29" frames/completes have NOT been updated to have clearance for the Knard.

Meanwhile, the Oregon does have the clearance, so when they arrive I will gladly get one and report back on how it rides. Word on the street is the Knard will be in the pipeline in a couple weeks.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

mtnjeffe : QX 29er … nice ride … what about some real pictures? I don’t like studio photos:D

Indeed the Hans Dampf is tighter height wise than I would like, when the tyre picks up a stone on a mudy ride you can feel the jolt as the stone briefly wedges between the tread and crown until the tyre deforms enough fof the stone to be dislodged, The Knard would be impossible to use on the muddy UK trials.

To be honest the Hans Dampf meets my needs and the combination of sharp flint and sticky mud means the light (thin) Knard with low tread profile will be inverior to the armoured sidewall mud friendlt tread of the Hans Dampf (although the large volume looks nice)

That is a really cool looking uni.

It’s almost here, can’t wait!

who calls dibs on the first one?

might have to be me, municycle.ca doesn’t get them until april

has anyone bought one yet?

36 ORACLE is available

UDC posted a truck being unloaded on FB yesterday…

This morning the ORACLE 36 is no longer “out of stock”.

Time to take the wife to the jewlry store…

It’s a shame the 36er rim is neon green. I would have preferred something a bit more toned down, closer to the green found in the hub - making it match better. Besides, I really don’t want to stand out any more than I already would. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you serious, I thought that was why people rode unicycles?

It is really bright and over the top but it is still cool!

…has this person been blocked yet?

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