29 Oracle?

Yup, I just got a reply from Josh at UDC that the picture was inverted. The disc is on the left side.

I can confirm that yes I did invert the picture for aesthetic reasons and the disc will be on the left-hand side of the unicycle. With these being “teaser” photos everyone will have to just wait and see for the rest of the details.


Thanks Nick.

The oracle-disc logo thingy on the front of the frame is visibly mirrored compared to the large logo in the bottom of the image.

So, if they are out in November, which fits better under a tree, the 29 or the 36? I’m looking forward to a review. Whoever takes the plunge on either size, please post.

Did you just ask if a 29" or 36" is better without providing any details of the kind of terrain you want to ride and your ability as a rider?

Prepare for an onslaught of arbitrary opinions! Tholub and NurseBen fight!

No, I asked what size would fit better under a Christmas Tree. As in “what should I tell the wife I want?”. I love my 29er, but I envy the bigger 36 inch wheel and would love to have one. That said, I’m curious to see how either of the the bigger Oracle’s will ride. I assume the 36 has an aluminum frame. I am curious if folks with experience on 36ers will think it handles differently. A 29er I’d ride off road. A 36er, probably the street.

The 36" Oracle rode about the same as a KH 36", as they should since they use the same rim and tire, and have comparable weights.

It’s just a unicycle, the disc brake is handy for sure, but don’t expect it to be much different from a KH 36" because only the seat is different enough to make it “feel” different.

The wheel build is offset for the rotor, so in theory it’ll be a little more flexy than a symetrical 36" wheel build, though I didn’t notice any additional flex.

I like 36ers so if you haven’t riden one, then you owe yourself the chance to go big :slight_smile:

What do people think about the 29" oracle compared to the QX-series disc 29"?

The Price is Right

What are price estimate on 29" and 36" Oracle? :o

Don’t take my word for this but i would say the 29er will be around 700$

Thanks to Nurse Ben for the flexiness comments. I had not thought about the wheel build contributing to the flexiness, only the frame. Good to know that it feels about the same as any other 36er. I too am curious about price. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Does anyone have any idea when in november these will come out?

According to the UDC blog, it looks like November 15.

…give or take a couple weeks.

i hope its nov 15

My impatience drove me to order a QX 29er from UDC UK and I am very happy I did. While I am sure the Nimbus 29er will be a fine machine, if anyone was thinking about the alternatives, the Qu-ax is light (a full 2 pounds lighter than my Hunter 26 with a disk), looks great, has a post mount for the disk brake and it should accept the 29X3.0 when it finally comes out. There is 3.25 inches between frame legs so depending on the tread?

I know it has been said before, but Roger and his gang are great. Since UDC US does not carry the QX, I inquired through the UK. They not only answered all my inquiries immediately (after hours for them), but shipped it so quickly that I received the Muni on the day I thought they might have just had an opportunity to ship it.

Back to the MUni, everyone has their preferences on crank length and I have to say I was sure I would not like the 140’s on a 29er, but whether it is the weight or crank length or both I have been able to out climb my 26 with 150’s by a long shot. I suspect that my balance inadequacies are better compensated for with the shorter cranks, but whatever the case I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone else who just can’t wait.

Looks like UDC US just started carrying the Qu-Ax 29er.

I should have been more specific - UDC US does not carry the QX Series which has a disk brake and is (I assume) similar to the Nimbus Oracle.

As an additional update Nurse Ben has informed me that the crown height is the problem for the 29X3.0 from Surly and it will not work on the QX, Nimbus nor KH.


This picture got me interested in that 3" tire. I don’t think it will fit my Nimbus round crown frame though.

Yeah, it will fit in the KH, but just barely. I imagine you’d get a lot of pings from gravel, and mud could clog the whole thing.