29 Oracle?

Is a 29 inch model due to come out soon? Any details?

Spring 2013


From an email conversation a few days ago that I had with Roger at UDC regarding a KH29 sans disc mount

I am not a round crown kind of guy but that seems that in the UK at least there is a November release data.

As this was mentioned to me as a customer I assume there is no issue posting it here :slight_smile:

I was thinking maybe the current Oracle sale might be a clue but maybe or maybe not. Guess I could call.

I was told that the incoming container to UDC USA has one Oracle 29 on the docket which is supposed to be a prototype for Josh to try out.

It may be that Roger is already riding one, but for us to get them retail, yeah, Spring is a good bet.

Sounds right…I just called and the lady that answered didnt have any details. Nov or maybe January…but the guys were not there to talk to. Keep me posted.

Maybe the frames will be available first?

Why would myself as a prospective customer looking to get a 29" frame be told November?

Wasn’t there also a difference in when the US got the 24" Oracle compared to Europe (or was it the 26"?).

Roger develops products, so maybe he has more swing or maybe he ordered more unis…I think the various franchises try to start new product sales at the same time to be “fair”.

It’ll be a unique frame if it fits the Surly Knard, otherwise it’s just an aluminum round crown frame.

There was a difference when UDC USA “got” the Oracle container but they held onto them so they went on sale at the same time in every country. Same for the 26er. Roger might have jumped the gun posting the frames on the UK site a little early but it all happened within 24 hours if I recall correctly. Then again, I might have been too sleepy because I ordered my 26" Oracle at 12:01 A.M. the same as my new iPhone 5.

To the OP. The unicycle you want (see picture of KH29 below) is already available. I’ve dropped some coin (Fusion saddle, Spirit cranks, Diety pedals, NB handle, lighter thinner tire and tube, etc…) on my 26" Oracle and I like it right well but I loved my KH29 right out of the box. How my stock 29er can still be lighter than my custom 26er is beyond me but it’s true. Also, the 29er rides more like my 36er but actually manageable off road. Don’t wait! Get the KH.

Nothing was posted on the site it was in an email reply to a qestion about 29" frame availabuility

I made it by myself with a KH standard frame and Oracle hub + D-Brake …

Unicycle.com US just released a blog post about Outerbike 2012, a demo in Moab if I’m reading it right.
It appears that there is indeed an Oracle 29" on the way, as well as an Oracle 36"! Coming in November!


any idea on price?

Definitely getting the Oracle 29" and 36" on the November container in the US.

I visited with Josh and Amy at Moab, they had the 29 and 36 Oracles on display.

The 36 Oracle was very nice, I took a quick spin, nice and light :slight_smile:

The Oregon with the Large Marge Lite was also on display, it is really light!!

No Surly Knard anywhere to be found, Surly didn’t make it to Outerbike and Josh sent his Knard demo to the UK.

I know what the Blog says, but I wouldn’t count on the 29er being ready, just saying…

Officially November:

If the 29" frames come in on the November container, before ordering, it behooves you to ask if the crown height is sufficient to run a 29 x 2.5-3" tire…you don’t want to get stuck with one of those low crown frames like the first run KH 26.

Looking at the 36" oracle, the disc is on the right-hand side of the unicycle. I am curious as to why this is; the D-brake is meant to be used on the left side for an internal disc, right? Anybody have an explanation for this?

I remember it being on the left, hmmmm, I don’t think it’s possible to run it on the right unless the D Brake is redesigned. The D Brake appears to be in the rear position with the brake hose run down the back, but it’s on the right.

Josh said that he was hoping to have a prebuilt 36 Oracle muni version using the Oregon hub (green flanges) as shown in the picture; the OEM gold flanged hub is aluminum and not designed for heavy use.

Trick of the lights, the picture is inverted, ??

I would guess that the picture is inverted as well. A graphic designer may have decided that it looked better that way without realizing that it mis-represents the product.