29" or coker?

I know there has previouly been some threds on 29" VS coker, but now with developments in both types I am wondering what is better.

Im looking at getting one, I will be riding it off road a little but i have my MUni for serious stuff. I am mainly interested in speed and manuverabliity and COST! Please also keep in mind that I’m from New Zealand so shiping is a bit of a problem because things only come over in special orders and sometimes they take ages to go through. I am able to get a 29" at a good price off www.unicycle.co.nz but im not sure if i should put in a special order for a coker.

help me!

P.S. Is it also worth getting an air seat for eather/both/neather?

Hi James,

A 24’ is so slow that you can get a 29’er and notice quite a significant difference in speed. A coker will go faster still and is not bad for less technical MTB tracks.

I prefer the 29’er for off-road but I don’t mind riding long distances on road with it. The Coker I like for on road use but I’ve also been doing quite a bit of off-road with it. Often the Coker is actually slower off-road due to the fact that it is harder to control, so you tend to be more conservative wheras with a 29’er off-road can be spun as fast as you like. A Coker is horrible in slippery mud especially when cornering. On the other hand it’s good for riding on the beach and loose pebbly rocks due to it’s large contact area.

A 29’er is also much more versatile for travelling- throw it in the boot of the car, pack it in a wheel bag as airline baggage, or stick it on your back and hike up a mountain with it. It’s also more manueverable and good for sifting around urban areas with. A Coker is better for eating up distances but is a lot less portable due to it’s cumbersome size and weight.

Seeing as you have a 24’, if I was to get the most bang for my buck I would get some short cranks eg 140mm for fast MUni riding, and get a Coker for a dramatic increase in speed.

Why not wait till the NZUNi weekend when you can try them all out and then decide?


Actually I take that all back. Due to the large shipping cost, I doubt the three times price difference is worth the relatively small increase in speed from a Coker. I do this 15km time trial from my place to the beach. It’s quite hilly with about 2km of off-road farm tracks. My best time on the 29’er with 150mm cranks is 55min, best on a Coker with 150mm is 44.20. Significant, yes, but it’s up to you as to whether it is enough to justify paying three times as much.

Re: 29" or coker?

If you want the one that costs the most, get a KH36" or a 36" Hunter frame, with the airfoil rim of course. For the airseat, you are welcome to come and try mine and see for yourself. Saddles are an item of personal preference, as most people have different shaped rear ends. If you like the airseat then buy one if you can afford it, if you don’t like it then the KH Seats are probably the best alternative. From the price Ken told me, I thought his Coker cost about twice as much as the 29er from Unicycle.co.nz. James, how about you just buy both, and give me the one you least prefer, I’ll be happy to take either one off your hands.

Thanks Rowan, not exactly what i ment but you are good like that :smiley:

I think i will go for the 29" i want to do 10KM for my riding, i know for some this won’t seem like much but its a start, i will be doing some of this on road and some on track and some on a paved walkway we have in New Plymouth that runs for about 7KM along the shore front.

So what my ride will be is, down to the end of the street (lemon) then down the walk way along the foreshore to kaoaro baths then up to the park a loop around the park and back home. I spent about half of today riding it on my 24" with 170mm cranks, needless to say most of it i just walked becase riding wasn’t much faster lol

So my conclusion is that the 29" will probably be the way to go for now. But you never know i could always get a coker too, just sometime in the future.

Also in NZ spare parts for a 29er would be a lot cheaper, I’d think, than for a Coker.

Get a Coker. Get a Coker. Get a Coker. They are fantastic. The only thing you can’t do on one is hard core muni and pogo sticking, but they will cruise at ten-plus miles an hour. I have a 29er and a Coker, and I would prefer the Coker. carjug

If you get a coker, you will [most likely] love it. If not you will be able to sell it (although Jagur’s proved to be a hassle for him to sell)

You don’t like it, buy a 29"r with the money from the sale.

If you get a 29"r, you’ll be happy enough to keep it, but everytime you ride it, deep down, or right up front, you’ll be thinking…what if I had just gotten a Coker?

Then you’d have to sell the 29"r anyways, because you’d never ride it.

The 29"r is ‘just a unicycle’ the Coker is an incredible experience, once you tame it (give it a month)

Re: 29" or coker?

For speed, get a Coker. For maneuverability, get the 29". Obviously the 29" will be the cheaper of the two, especially due to where you are. I have little experience with 29" myself, but I’d say get the 29" for now, and if you still crave more speed, you can always get a Coker later. They might be easier to get in NZ in the future as well.

As for an air seat, if you’ve never tried one you don’t know what you’re missing.

The alert manufacturer could own the market with a decent 33.5" uni.

I love my 29. But I also love the Coker (which I don’t yet own). If the terrain will force you to UPD and rePD often, the 29 will be easier. I think its easier to cruise on a Coker because of the inertia of that heavy flywheel.

Maybe your question should be : “Which one should I get FIRST?”

I like riding on the smooth paved paths…until I become bored. Then I enjoy MUni and hills and switchbacks…until it becomes “usual”. Then I like speed…until I long for something else. Then I like tricks and hopping and manouverability…untill I change my mind. I’ve got Unicommitmentaphobia. Its pretty common.

But I’ll take a stand. (Because I’m in the midst of my very own advice). Get the 29 with two sets of cranks (125 and 150). 125 for road cruising and 150 for more manouverable and technical crosscountry.

Later get the Coker.

No wait. Reverse that.


I completeley (dis) agree

My next uni will probably be for pure commuting, so I’d like to throw this question into the mix.

Does having a Coker pretty much force you to ride on road, as opposed to the sidewalk? I feel a lot safer on the sidewalk with my 24 when I know I won’t get hit by a car should I UPD, and I know that my skills are decent enough that I can control any UPDs around pedestrians.

I’ve heard that 29’s are suited well enough for the sidewalk, but what about a Coker?

It may take a month or two worth of riding to be absolutely sure you can ride amongst pedestrians, but once you get the hang of the Coker, it’ll go (under control) wherever you want to take it

Being sure of your abilities is key

killing a few peds durring the learning process is a pleasant thought…?

listen to Gizmoduck,the price of importing it just isnt the worth the risk.

I’d like to add a couple coker questions too:

How do you die hard commuters handle stoplights/signs? Idle, dismount, or just run the thing? Almost every road here in Santa Barbara has a bike lane but that means you have to stop at the light.

I have a short inseam and long torso, am I going to be able to ride one of these things? Is anyone going to have one at the CA MUNI Weekend that I could try out?


hi. first post. i’m from the boston area and am a short time lurker. anyways i’ve been going through the same dilemma. only mine’s worse because i also want a trials uni but i really need to satisfy my craving for speed. basically i’ve decided that i’m going to get a coker for the reasons that Sofa said: i don’t want to get a 29 and be always wanting more, plus if i do get a coker and don’t like it i can always sell it. i really don’t see that happening though. the other reason i decided on the coker is because you can continually get better at it. the more you ride it the better you get. i like that. plus they don’t have the yuni 29ers in stock at unicycle.com anymore :slight_smile: yeah, i figure it might be a pain to transport but what the hell, i like attention (don’t we all)


btw: if anyone from around boston wants to do some riding or something email me pjenkins00_NOSPAM_@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM) (damn webbots)

im 100% sure muddycycle will have his KoKer there.the back of his truck is like a unicycle holding tank,they go where he goes :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate ‘unnecessary’ dismounting. So dismounting is my last choice. I’ve only been riding the Coker for a few weeks now, but never not yet in areas with stoplights. At stop signs, I either roll through them or dismount :frowning:

Although I can idle ‘forever’ on a 20 or 24, I cannot idle on the Coker at all (2.5 cycles is my best to date). Admittedly, I’ve only really tried idling it a few dozen times, but still, it is substantially harder/different to idle. It seems like you can ‘stand’ on one pedal and it slowly begins to change direction, as soon as it starts rolling the new direction get the weight off that foot and get ready to stand on the other. The Coker is also so big / massive, that I’d be shy to idle it in close proximity to pedestrians until I had it very good control. I’m using 6" cranks, I expect idling it would be even more challanging with shorter cranks.

Have you tried just hopping up and down? Works for me although it looks quite ridiculous to motorists :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m riding on the road I stick with the road rules. I’d never ride through a red light. It can’t be good to be ‘that’ unicyclist that ignores traffic laws.

I don’t mind being ‘that’ unicyclist. I quite often run red lights, but only when there is no traffic coming, and usually at night time when no one is around. I pretend I am a pedestrian, and go up on the pavement and cross from there, that way the light doesn’t apply to me quite as much. You could spend ages waiting at lights that are triggered by the weight of cars rather than timers. People probably think I am being dangerous. Oh well if I get run over it will be one less danger on the roads.