29 or 36er?

im considering getting a 29 or a 36 for exercise as an alternative for running.
mainly for use in philadelphia but during the summer ill be out of the city and on country roads and maybe experimenting with off roading.
also going to use it to get around campus.
which one would be the best choice?
list of pros and cons help too thnx guys =D

I have a 29er and it’s great. The Nimbus Drak. It’s a great size as it’s fast enough to get around and nimble enough to do some XC Muni. It’s most definitely more nimble than a 36er for traveling around a campus. I don’t have experience with a 36er so can’t give any info, but for the 29er you can attach a brake and handlebar depending on what you will be doing. Also 29ers tend to be a bit cheaper. Athough there’s a cheap impulse on the trading post right now I think.

Having just bought a 29er Im biased, but…to me the 29er is about as big as you can go in an all-round uni. It’s big, but not too big. For me anyway, speed is about the same as running, which is fast enough.

I’d love a 36, but not as my main uni.


36ers are BIG. My opinion, 36 for distance/ exercise, 29 or even 26 for fart’n around, and plenty big for off road. I don’t know about 36ers off road but I like to keep my 36 “street.” Just being up on a 36 makes you a giant among pedestrians. I’ve been having a good time with my 26" and short cranks, decent size for getting around and nimble enough to pop on and off of if I need to.

I own both and I ride my 36 alot more than my 29. The 29 is easier to get around on but I do ride my 36 on campus. (I am the college photographer.) I have never ridden my 36 for muni…the 29 I have. I just like the speed of the 36. Probably my biggest reason for riding it the most.

Mike A.

Based on your description I’d go with 29" (first; 36" after the 29" starts feeling slow). :slight_smile:

A 29’r fits completely and easily in the trunk of my 2006 Civic (actually two of them fit along with some gear). A 36’r would require folding at least one seat down. It was a consideration for me. Bringing a uni into a classroom, eating establishment, etc would favor the 29’r as well.

But, of course, when out on the road spinning madly on my 29’r, I wish it were a 36! :smiley:

29 will be good for everything except long road rides.

36 off road is a lot of work, not for a new trail rider.

Get a more road worthy tire for your 29, it’ll make riding around town more fun.

+1 (or is that +2 when quoting two others’ responses?)

I would also recommend a 29" uni.
What are you riding now?



If you can only have one I would get a 29er. I have both and I think the 29er can be used more easily in a variety of conditions. I love the 36 though. The 29er is more more managable for throwing in the car or putting in the corner of the room without looking like some huge unusual thing. The main advantage of the 36 is speed. When I am on the 29er I can’t keep up with my friends on bikes.