29 or 36

what sort of speeds can you get on a 29 with short cranks ans is it anyway close to the 36 becasue im on a budget so i was wondering does any one know.
cheers :thinking: )

What do you want to? comuting? XC? Muni? big wheel trials :smiley:

i just want something that i can ride at about 12 mile per hour on bike rides with my mates something that can cruise at bicycle speeds

You might find something useful in these threads.

About your first question, “it depends on the rider”. If you want to match a bicycle I think a 36er is the way to go; notice the think, as I haven’t seen a 36" in real life. :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers for the links there were a real help and i am now leaning towards a 29 can any one counter the argument???

on a 36er you can average 12 mph fairly easily but on a 29er even with really short cranks it’s hard to average above 10 mph, notice I said hard to do that not imposible. It also depends on your biking friends (I have both by the way)

If you get one, let me know what you think. I have a 36 and have considered a 29 for control. I would be interested in knowing the speed difference.

now i dont no the 36 has that wow factor anf if i just by the wheel and frame comes in at about the same price as the nimbus 29 i can put bits from my other unis on it will be a hard choiuce:D :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I had to make this dissicion not long ago, I went for a 29er and bought a KH29. The only thing I sort of regret is that I didnt get the twin hole cranks. I love my KH29 though, I often ride it the 6 miles home from school. I did 35 miles one day with 150mm cranks and with no great discomfort. I do quite a bit XC and some sort of freeride/muni and for that the 150s are realy nice. I have added a magura break as well which is great for steep tracks. In august Im going to the lake district ad its definatly coming with me.

just get a 36 with 125’s and be done with it.


Yea thats fine… …untill he comes to a hill

Maybe I haven’t been at it long enough, but on my 36" I can average 10mph “fairly easily” and under ideal circumstances can have stretches where I’m averaging 12mph. My heart rate is quite low at those speeds - I can quite literally run all day at the heart rate I sustain during my rides on the 36" - so there’s room for much more exertion. Maybe I just need to build up greater confidence to keep those feet going faster.

now i think that it will have to be a 36 from what i have heard allthough a 29 might be an option if my funds get a bit to low has anyone run a 29 with a t7 touring handle:) :smiley: :slight_smile:

125s are just fine for climbing 99% of what you’re likely to find road riding.

A few people have run the t7 on a 29er but I suggest going with the 36". Keeping up with bikers would be tough on a 29er I think and you will always want to go bigger. The 36er gives you an entirely different feel.


We have a little radar device on our street and I can get a precise speed on my unicycle using it. Pedaling casually on a bike will carry you along at about 11 or maybe 12 mph. On my 29, I find I pedal casually along at about 7-8 mph. If I try to go fast on my uni…I can go 11 mph but could not sustain it. The fastest I have ever got it too read is 12 mph. I don’t think you could casually ride with people on bikes riding casually with a 29.

My 29 has 125s and I ride it about 7 miles in the morning…it generally takes me about an hour.

I haven’t found one hill I can’t climb with 125mm cranks (I’m currently using 102mm or 114mm depending on the day) and trust me there are HILLS around here (though no mountians)

As a rough guide, I can do 10km on a Coker with 110mm cranks in about 22-23 min. On a 29’er with 150mm cranks (which is what I’m riding nowadays), it takes about 31min. On shorter cranks (eg 100mm) with the 29’er I think I could probably get in about 25-27min.

I know of riders that can cruise at 25km/hr on a 28" but it’s usually with sub 100mm cranks.

So basically there is a noticeable difference in speed, but with short cranks I don’t think a 29’er will be that much slower.


Yes. It’s great. The biggest problem with a 29 and T7 combo is the colour of the handle clashes with the frame!

Anyway, before you make a decission, I suggest you try and find someone with a 29 and 36 that you can test drive for a little bit. They feel very different, and some people get on with a 36, some don’t. But buying one is an expensive way to find out.


If your mates are only doing 12 mph on bikes, get tougher mates.:wink:

The 36 will always be faster than the 29, all other things being equal.

However, other things aren’t always equal. Joe Marshall can casually ride his 29 faster than I used to be able to achieve on my 36.