29" or 36"

I totally agree with this. If I could only have one, it would be a 29. It does well on the road, it does well off road, and it’s easy to control in almost all situations. Yeah you’re probably not going to be riding 100 miles on it… but people have.

Pretty much agree here, I lived on my 29er for a long time before going 36! 36 is amazing but the 29er can do it all. I reckon a G29 (if there were a Schlumpf that never ever broke down and wasn’t £1000) would be my single uni to rule them all.

You could go with a 29er, but it would be about 7 inches too small.

I went from a 20" straight to a 36" and didn’t look back. Just got a 29er for mountain uni and it has mostly sat since I got it in November.

36er is king for the time being.

125/150 cranks will get you started and allow you to end up on the 125s which can do pretty much everything well. get a cheap set of 114s for long flat rides and you’ll be sat.

Do not be intimidated by the 36er. I’ve never ridden with more than a helmet, and been just fine.

The 36er is such a blast once you learn to control it’s awesome momentum. Its not risky around a group of hikers and bicyclists on narrow trails, once you learn how to go real slow with control. After a short while youll learn to throw your hips into and make sharp turns, thats when it gets fun on single tracks.

36 it is!

Thanks so much for all the replys!
I ended up deciding to get the Nimbus Oracle 36"! It should be here in 4 or 5 days. I will post a gin when I get it and let you guys know what I think.

I live in south lake Tahoe so I have many trails but for now I don’t think I will do much trail riding because I don’t know anybody else that rides in my town. I just bought the Nimbus Oracle 36". I plan on using it for commuting to work and going on long rides on a bike path or street. I will reply once I receive the new unicycle and let you know how I like it.

36 was the right choice

I received my Nimbus Oracle at the beginning of the week and have loved every moment I have spent on it. It took me about 5 minutes to adjust my brain to the bigger and heavier wheel but after I figured it out I was fine. I was also able to freemount on my second try! I’ve ridden it on some trails and took about an 8 mile trip. Thanks for all the advice!

Good news. Have lotsa fun on your new 36er :smiley:

Yep, the thirty-sixer is such a blast! You were way due, and it sound like you’re beginning to like trail riding. Plenty of trails in the ever beautiful Lake Tahoe!
Then, before you’ll know it, you’ll lighten your wallet once again, for a 24/26 and/or 29er to see how much better you’ll do on the more techincal stuff :sunglasses: