29" or 36"


I’m gonna get a larger wheel uni to ride to school (15 mins cycle on road), but there are hills along the way which are quite steep, so would a 36" or a 29" be more suitable. What speeds can be achieved on both? thanks in advance

a 36" is the only way to go for road riding. What speeds can be achieved? It is highly dependent on your fitness level.

I highly recommend the KH36.


I like a 29" more because you can do muni with it… :wink:
I think my average speed is 16km/u when I ride clam…
but I’ve riden 8km with an average from 22km/u… (if I ride fast) :stuck_out_tongue:

But 15min from your school with a bike will be ±23min with an 29" unicycle… and I don’t know when you wake up, but if you don’t have much time to go to school = take an 36", if goes as fast as a bike or faster :stuck_out_tongue:

For that distance it sounds like either would work fine. I just got my 36er and was really surprised at how well it does going up hills, much easier than I expected. I have 150mm cranks on it. I think it will feel more exciting and fun on a 36, and faster of course :slight_smile: Where as the 29 would be more versatile for going off road, etc.

The problem is the two sizes just aren’t in the same class really.

What are your other interests/unicycles? If you only had a 20, then you may want to get the 29er. If you want to ride off road also, the 29er would be good all around cycle. If you only are going to ride it as a commuter, the 36 would probably be better?

It’s a hard question, and there are probably a lot of people who have both.

I’d go with the 36er : ) I jumped from learning 20" straight to it, because I knew that’s what I wanted to begin with. Climbing hills, even with 125s isn’t bad at all on a larger wheel, especially after riding a while. You can make it up just about anything you can with a bicycle, maybe more.

I can’t tell you exact speeds, but my 5 mile commute on my road bike takes around 25 - 30 minutes, and on the 36er it takes around 35-40 depending on traffic, lights, and how hard I feel like riding. (lights are a rather large portion of that time, because I have to get across downtown Atlanta)

I’ve only ridden with a 29er once, and it’s noticibly slower.

I think either one will get you there, but the larger wheel will be more comfortable and faster.

. . . handlebar is a must (in my opinion) either way you go

I always choose my 36 over the 29 for the road. I’m turning the 29 back into a MUni (though I’ll probably use the 24 more for off road).

29 is more versatile, safer in crowds and traffic, easier to store, and not that much slower.

36 is a 36, though.:slight_smile:

A 36 makes you 13 " taller. Want to see what’s on the other side of all those 6 foot fences ? 36 is the only choice, unless you are already over 7 '. Being way up there is a real part of the thrill.

I don’t have a handle, but a lot of good riders love them. I would invest in wrist wraps, but hold off on getting bars until you get good at throwing it down the road. The KH freeride seat is great, and most riders get a red LED blinky for the back of the seat post. I have a white LED on the side of the post for a headlight as well. These have to be real skinny, so as not to hit your leg.

A 36 is good for a cruise at maybe 8 mph, peak maybe 12 ish. Some are faster and if you get the 1000 ish $ 2 speed, you can put maybe 50 % onto that.

A 36 goes about 2/3 bike cruising speed, a 29 about 1/3 slower. Everyone is different but that is my approximation.

Me, too. I found the jump in size wasn’t difficult at all. In fact, I hardly ever ride my 20" now except for hockey.

The 36" really looks like no other unicycle IMO. At that size it is effectively a high-wheel machine and when you ride it you can really feel it eating up distance. It does take more strength and control and can be challenging in busy traffic situations, but it makes going places much more fun.

Definitely the 36’er on the road. Even going from 125’s to 114’s, I’d hate to go back to 125’s just for the loss of speed.

I’d get both though, as the 29’er is great for cross country, the 24 for real muni, and the 36’er for mild cross country and road riding.

It’s really best to get every size available, not to mention they are all just cool to have… :slight_smile: If ya can only get one, 36’er, get or make a handle, makes a big difference especially on hilly courses with shorter cranks.

I ride to town quite often, so you can have a go on my 36er if you like. I work pretty odd hours, but we might be able to meet up. Drop me a PM to get my email/number and we’ll sort something out.

If the main concern is getting A to B, go 36". If you also have concerns with storage, transport, space-taking-uppage, the 29" might be better.

You can also ride MUni on a 36".

A 36 is 36 - 29 = 7 inches bigger in diameter.

However, your height above the ground is affected by the radius, not the diameter, because your seat is a set distance from the hub.

So if you have the same length of cranks, you will be only 3.5" taller on the 36 than on the 29.

And chances are, on the 36, you will choose slightly longer cranks than on the 29. And then your seat needs to be lower to take into account your foot having to reach further at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

So in reality, on a 36, your head may be only 2.5" - 3" further from the ground than it would be on a 29.

You are ~13 inches taller than without any unicycle. 11 inches perhaps.

good gosh, that’s some mighty fine equipment there : ) all of the podium guys had the same setup: geared hub, maguras, moment cranks, KH frame. One of them I see (second to the right) even has a drilled rim. The only real difference was the handles. . . . .O.o I’m impressed. : P

thanks for that link : )

The additional height is the true radius of the wheel, less the crank length, less about an inch.

So on a 36, it wouuld be say 18 - 5 - 1 = 12" so yes, I suppose that 13" taller than walking is about right, but the thread is about a comparison of 29" and 36" unicycles - hence my interpretation of the 13" figure as refering to the difference between those two.

Thanks for the input, I think I’ll go with a 36er, because I already have a small KH20, so I’d like something on the other side of the size spectrum.

I’m looking at the Nimbus Nightrider and KH36. Does the nightrider’s triangular frame really reduce bearing wear and reduce uncontrollable twist as stated compared to an ordinary frame design like on the KH36? And the nightrider comes with a T7 handle bar, and is £60 cheaper, so i am edging towards the nightrider to the KH36.

If you can afford the KH without too much effort, go for the KH, it’s lighter and stiffer. I have a nightrider and LOVE it :smiley:

. . . however, the triangular frame really doesn’t make a difference. . . not to me. I can’t feel a difference at all.

if the T7 is thrown in (like with mine) it’s a great deal. Keep in mind that the T7 will break after a while according to some folks on here. . . then again, they all will. The T7 is also a little “flimsy” feeling. It definitely isn’t as stiff as the KH handle.

KH if you can, it’s worth it in the long run, and will prevent you from having to upgrade later.

I got a KH 36 a few weeks back, absolutely love it! I ride mine on gravel roads, a little bit in town, super stable, super fast. I’m running 165’s now, started with 150’s, able to climb some pretty steep hills, though not as steep as on my muni. I will probably try some 170-175’s before long as I have some really steep climbs on the gravel roads I ride.

I had KH 29, it was just okay for muni, really not hopable, really not fast enough for road, so sorta a mixed bag, really a master of none for me, so I sold it and went back to my 26" which was better for muni.

If you have a muni or street uni, and all you really want is a uni for riding fast and commuting, then the 36" is the choice. I’d get a KH, it’s very nice :slight_smile:

I don’t have a pic of mine, but it’s a bare frame with clear coat, not polished, black Nimbus rim with red nips, TI HUB :), Nightrider tire, KH cranks, KH post and red KH seat seat, red Salsa clamp, custom handlebars. So very light and stiff, super ride, I love my 36er!!