29" or 36" with Schlumpf Hub?

I don’t think commuting will be that much slower if at all on a geared 29 than 36. If you’re really motivated, you can still exceed 20 mph on a geared 29. And, traffic controls may slow you down more than having a a 29 instead of a 36.

You probably want to avoid the 3 foot drops on a 29 though. I’ve taken mine up to about 18", and I start to feel the rim flexing. Rolling down stairs should be fine though.

Yeah, it will take a while to receive the geared hub, or for UDC or whever you ordered it to receive it. Florian is out on holiday till the 11th of Aug, and I am sure he has a bunch of backorders and repairs/upgrades to do (mine being one). It will definitely be worth the wait. In a couple of months you will be having loads of fun. If you ever want to just do only road riding or improve your speed on the road you can simply put on the schwalbe big apple tire and it will feel a lot smoother.

I don’t know what kind of commute you have, but when I ride across town I’m limited less by the speed I can go on the uni than the speed that I can go with urban obstacles. I think your choice of a geared 29 fits your planned riding well.

MuniAddict has done 3’ drops on his 36" and it’s still fine, so far :roll_eyes:

Doing drops will require you to be more diligent at keeping the spokes tight are the rim true.

You shouldn’t compare a KH29 rim to a 36" airfoil rim. They’re quite different. I believe an airfoil rim is stronger, but it’s also proportionately heavier.

On a KH rim?

My KH 29" rim wheelbuild is as far as I can tell absolutely solid. I’ve done 18" drops without any problems, although only by mistake - I don’t hit big drops if I can help it on the (old) geared hub.

Are you sure it isn’t your wheel build being too loose not the rim?


What made me decide that 18" is the limit was that I followed someone on a 24" MUni off of a 2 foot drop landing ever so slightly askew, and I felt the rim flex. The wheel went a bit out of true, and the eyelets show some evidence of strain.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you could do a 18" drop without problems if you’re in ideal conditions and you land and roll out well. However trails are rarely “ideal”.

Why the 2007 version of the KH 29 rather than the 2008?

Which cranks are you going to fit 165/130 or 150/125mm or the single hole Moments?


To answer part of the question…

When he placed his order, the 2008 KH products were not available, or announced. The 2007 29er frame is perfectly fine, and I don’t see much difference or need for the new 2008 29er frame really.

I am not sure what the original poster bought for his set up, but to chime in on the crank question…I used the double hole 125/150mm cranks for my 29er guni, and they seemed like pretty versatile cranks. 125s were great for the road, and the 150s in low gear were nice for XC.

Just to sort of chime in here, I wouldn’t mind trying out or possibly even getting a geared KH20.

yes , sweet … I want four gunis. All different sizes:) :)$$$:(

That sounds like it could make a wicked short-distance/city commuter cycle. Carrying around and taking a 20" on the bus or subway would be a lot easier than even something as small as a 26 or 24.

My rough calculations regarding wheel size and gear ratio have led me to believe it would still be much faster than walking.

I like your calculation style and I believe you are correct. It would be so fun getting places as fast as you would on a standard 29". It would also make street style riding so much more interesting, and definitely increase rolling hop distances. Maybe even help gap greater distances.

someone at unicon brought a 20" schlumpf guni.

It is so amazingly fun. Something about going fast on a 20" is just awesome.

i think im going to order a similar set up when i get my uni’s sold…