29 or 36 Inch Road Unicycle

Long time lurker, decided to finally make an account and ask the source of all unicyclists. Hopefully someone out there has a 29 or 36 Road Unicycle they’re willing to part with, would like one for general commuting over the Nimbus 24" I currently use.

I am based in Texas, Preferably $350 or less, thank you!

RE: Wanted - 29 or 36 Road Uni

I responded earlier to your post wanting a 29 or 36 road uni for $350 or less and mentioned you could email me about a 29er I had for sale.

I’m responding again to let you know I’ve posted a detailed description and pics of my 29er Nimbus road uni to the trading post. Asking $300 + shipping (which would prb put it under $350 total)