29 or 36 for college

I am out to college next year and learned to uni on a 24 incher.
I want to get something that will be easy to bring inside to my dorm, but also fast-ish between classes, Do y’all think I should go for a 36 and more bulkiness, or a 29 with slightly less speed?

A 36 is going to be big in the dorm, and totally impractical for taking into lecture theatres/classrooms.

I’d also consider a 24, since you’re already used to riding one, plus, it’ll be safer riding through crowded campus’s and should easily be fast enough for short rides between classes.

I find my 24x3 fine for rides of around an hour, though the 3" tyre does make the wheel almost a 26"-er.

Generally for getting around campus a 29er will be more flexible than a 36er. It depends on the distances you’re talking about, though. Typically on campuses most of your trips will be a couple miles or less, for which a 36 is overkill.

I rode a 29 all through college, and thought it was a the perfect fit. Quick, yet nimble enough for walkways. Sometimes you get stuck behind people on a walkway, and have to ride at walking speed…pretty hard on a 36. I usually locked it up outside during class.

Thanks for the help guys, I think I will probably just stick with my 24, having test rode a 29 and a 36 at the local bike shop today, They feel a little too uncomfortable and awkward. I may look at a 36er later for longer rides on trails- But funds are a bit short now- :slight_smile:

Wow, your LBS actually has unicycles larger than 24" available to try out? That’s awesome.

Yeah, what bike shop and where? Kudos to them!

I had a 24 for my college days. It was a quick 2 miles in, some change around campus, and 2 miles back. That setup was fine with me… of course I think the choices were 20 and 24 in those days. Still not a bad commute - it was about the same as a decent jogging speed but without working up a sweat.

I also locked it up on a bike rack (with a U-lock) when in class. No one stole it.

The 29er and 36er will feel a bit strange at first but you quickly get used to it when you put in a little time. Now the 29er feels like more of a natural size to me, if given the choice I think I would have opted with the 29er back in the day. And I’ll join in with the others. Wow to your LBS having a unicycle, let alone multiple unicycles in multiple sizes.

If the distances are not too far I would suggest a 24. Right now that is what I use on campus. Its easy to bring inside and throw into a corner and with small cranks you can go pretty fast on it. I also suggest a 24 because its still nimble yet big enough to roll over most terrain it’s presented.

What uni do you have now?

If you just have an inexpensive learner or no uni at all, a 26" would provide a slightly faster wheel than a 24", way more tire choices than a 24", while still being agile and versatile for road and trail.

A 29er is a big wheel for cruising campus, esp if you’re doing a lot of transitions, weaving in and out of crowds, hopping stairs and curbs, etc…not to mention some learning curve.

If you already have a decent 24", then I’d stick with what you have now.


If your thoughts are 29 because it’s faster or. 24 because your used to it. And 29 felt too strange, seems 26 may be a perfect compromise

It’s a nice useable uni. Not too different from a 24 and lots of tires

If you ‘need’ a new uni a 26 may suit

Now I need to persuade my wife that I urgently ‘need’ a 36, any tips?

This is intriguing. You’re a 13 year old college student?

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