29" Nimbus

I’ve been chatting to a guy off Gumtree looking to sell this. As far as I can tell it’s a Nimbus 29" Slightly older style but still has ISIS crank interface (correct me if I’m wrong)

He’s only asking £40 for it, to get a quick sale. If anyone is somewhere near Bristol it’s a bargain!

He says the tyre (Big Apple) will be on and inflated tomorrow, and will send another pic when he’s tidied it up a bit :slight_smile:

I have his email address if anyone would like to contact him directly

For this price… total bargain!
Will the seller ship to the UK?

I think he’s after collection only I’m afraid, or I’d have probably had it myself lol

Just had an email back off him saying he will post within the UK if the buyer covers the postage cost :slight_smile:

I want it but as I can’t ride my 20" yet, I imagine I’d get chewed out if I spent money on another already :joy::joy:

Welcome to the world of unicycling lol

You buy it (since you want it now that he’ll post it)…

Then in a few months I’ll buy it off you :stuck_out_tongue:


In all honesty I know I wouldn’t use it. I have my 36er for distance and off road, and my 19" for learning hops and tricks…

Haha, that’s fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a contact? Or a link to the original ad?
I might be in the UK in the near future, that uni would be a great ride for the time there, then a great part donor for a project of mine. At that price, it would do great for all those plans…

I’ll pm you his email address, and the link to the original ad :slight_smile:

I had four before I could actually stay upright. Now I’ve acquired a muni which I probably won’t be able to do anything with for months but the price was too good to miss! On a bike, you can change gear. On a uni, you change unis. The real answer to the perennial ‘where’s your other wheel’ question is ‘in my boot with the other three’. You might as well get used to it.

lol! :smiley:

I’d love another 3!! My piggy bank disagrees :frowning:

My first was a cheapo from Amazon. After that, only one was full price, and that was a birthday present. It’s worth looking on local sales sites like Gumtree and Facebook.

Buy it anyway. It’s cheap, and it’ll give you something to aspire to. Plus, once you can freemount and do some basic forward riding you’ll progress much faster by using two wheel sizes.

I found it helpful using different wheel sizes from the start. Being quite tiny, it was a 16" which gave me my first feel of being able to turn the uni under me to keep balance, and it was a nice size for riding in the kitchen!

I’ve been in touch with the seller, but he no longer replies to my email. :thinking:

I looked for him on Gumtree. Is it the one with no picture that describes it as a large wheel unicycle? There is no way I could ride a 29" but I am near enough to Bristol to act as an intermediary if anyone wanted it.