29" Nimbus with T-7 (trade for 24"?) (in CA)

After riding about 20 miles on my Nimbus 29" and attaching a T7 (which I haven’t even ridden with yet) before putting it up on the wall in the garage, and unfortunately not touching it since, I’ve realized I’d just rather have a 24" to muck around on. I enjoy my 20" Torker CX still, just wish it was higher quality (so I don’t wobble around like an unbalanced top while I ride it) and more appropriate for my 6’ frame…

So I’m posting this to see if there was anyone in Southern California who’d perhaps want to trade a 29" Nimbus in really good condition (original pedals are scuffed a bit from about two or three UPDs) w/ the touring handle (black with green grips) for a 24" of some kind.

That’s it. Thanks!

Full info: Nimbus 29" with ISIS hub and KH 125/150 cranks and T-7 touring handle. Big Apple tire. Has been ridden approx 20 miles total, pedals and plastic edges of the seat have been scuffed a bit, but everything else is solid.

Looking for: 24" Uni equivalent OBO…

i live in southern california and i am interested in your handle.

shoot me an email @ cevinB@mac.com