29" Nimbus road unicycle $225 + shipping

I’m selling a barely used 29" Nimbus road uni with Qu-ax 125mm cranks, nimbus gel saddle, no brake. $225 + shipping, US only.


Want to trade for a 1977 Giraffe?

I was looking for a 29er and just ordered a new nimbus 29" mountain uni . I may still be interested in a second one can you send Photos. also where are you Im in Alaska 99653 so I would need to know what Shipping would cost

Damn wish i lived in your country, that is a steal! pay nearly 420 bucks for that Uni in Australia but guess postage would nearly be 200 haha :slight_smile:

Hi, this is a 29" road uni. I’m in jackson wyoming. I’ll check how much it costs to ship to alaska. Can you give me an email address to send pics to?
thanks, kohl

Living in GA

Hey Im also interested in the uni, but am worried about shipping since I live in GA. Would you mind sending me some pics to t3calloway7@gmail.com?

my zip is 30474 if you could also tell me what you’d want for shipping

29" nimbus street

I sent a pm with my Email But just in case you missed it Here it is mackenzieconst@yahoo.com Photos would be cool


Yep. I picked it up a few weeks ago. For reals.