29" muni

hi all Iv got a kh 24 which Iv had for a few years now Iv been fancying a 29" muni how differant are they to ride and can you still do the same muni things on the 29" thanks

Plenty of info in other threads on this but:

1- Go for it! 29er muni is so much fun- can go for longer distances and it is a totally different kind of ride. There is so much you can just roll right over with the bigger wheel.
2- Get a ride with a disc brake. I wouldn’t recommend a rim brake at this size and a brake will save your legs on the downhills allowing for longer rides

Good luck!

Thanks I’ll look for one with a disk brake I think there is a new kh coming out with one already fit

Disk Brake versus Rim Brake

pstrick, I’m only asking because you just mentioned it. Why would you avoid a rim brake with a 29’’ wheel? I have no knowledge of brakes on unicycles whatever, so I’m hoping to glean something useful from you. I am considering a Nimbus 29’’ Road Unicycle that has a rim brake option, mostly for road riding and milder trails, not for seeking out the goat paths running downhill or jumping over fallen trees.

Is the rim brake aversion related to rough riding with this size of wheel? Or is it just in general, for this size of wheel?

There are a couple things the disc brake as going for it.
– Good control and modulation. Less grabby than rim brake.
– Not affected by wet or muddy conditions.

The main drawback to the rim brake is its sensitivity to wheel trueness. If the wheel gets out of adjustment the braking will be uneven and “bumpy”. The reason people say they are not recommended for larger wheels is because that adjustment factor is magnified by the wheel diameter.

Having said that, I have three unicycles with rim brakes (all Magura hydraulic), a 24, a 26, and a 32 (and previuosly a 36), and have no problems with them. They brake just fine, and do the job just great for me.

A lot of people don’t bother with brakes at all. It’s a personal preference/riding style thing. I like them, and use them all the time.

Hi lance I see you have a 24 and a 26 I did fancy a 26 but thought it would be nearly the same as the 24 so was looking at the 29 am I right in thinking this unfortunately there isn’t somewhere you can go try them to see the difference like you can bikes

Hi rob1 :slight_smile:

Do you frequent ‘Facebook’ ?
If so, have a look at the Facebook group ‘Unicycle Yorkshire’.
There are a great bunch of folks on there and you could meet up at one of their get togethers. The guys are really helpful and you’ll get to see lots of unicycles. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

Hi alucard I’ll take a look I didn’t know there was a unicycle yorkshire thank how’s the unicycling going

Agree with LanceB- I had a rim brake on my 26 and it was fine for the most part, but as my rim developed some irregularities (paint erosion, mud, and any bit out of true) it became rather herky-jerky. I ended up taking it off and no longer ride with a brake on the 26. I did use if for muni though so perhaps a rim brake would be fine for road riding on a larger wheel- I’ll let others speak to that. The smoothness of the disc braking on my 29 and 36 compared to the old 26er is night and day.

Another advantage of a disc brake is that it works with any rim.

Hi rob1 :slight_smile:
I’m back at home now so here’s a link…

My unicycling is going grand Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m not getting any worse which is the best thing. :roll_eyes:
Still in love with my 29". Going to be trying shorter cranks soon me thinks. Though I have few new bits to tart up my 24" muni, oh, and a 26" to build, oh and a new frame for my trials, oh, and a new Qu-Ax saddle, but I can’t decide which unicycle to put it on. So ask me again next week and the answer may be different :slight_smile:
But, what I have not yet done, and I need to do, but I’m too scared to do is cut down my 36" so I can get on the darn thing. I’m worried that once I’ve cut it down I still won’t be able to get on it and then I would have ruined a frame :frowning:
Ha, bet you wished you’d never asked :smiley:


If you currently ride muni on a 24" and want to go faster, or need more challenge, then you are probably right about jumping to a 29r. The 26" is noticeably bigger, but probably not as much as you would like. If the trails are mostly smooth and “swoopy,” the 29r will probably do very well for you. Use the 24 for more challenging/difficult terrain.


Thanks lance I thought it might not be a big enough difference to go 26" looks like the 29" then just hope I still have time for the 24 which Is great fun

Haha wow I think you only had the 24" last time we messaged how do you find the 29"

Hi rob1 :slight_smile:

I love my 29" :slight_smile:
I’m using 150’ cranks at the moment and finding it easy to freemount. I’ve been doing light off road stuff on it last few weeks. I keep surprising myself by staying on when I expect a upd. Guess it’s my shoes being stuck on the pedals that help. I do far more exiting off roady stuff on my 29" than I ever expected I would.

I will be swapping for 117’/136’ in a while and see how I get on as I’ll be taking it down along the prom.
I’ve got the ‘Ardent’ tyre on it at the moment, I may keep that on. I’m surprised just how well it is to ride on smooth surfaces. The ‘Big Apple’ is a super tyre for the prom, but no good when it comes to sand.
Or I may go inbetween and put my specialized ‘Fast Trak’ on it.
Also, I’m going to have another go with the handlebars.

Sorry for the waffle :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Exciting adventures! I would love to hear more about your thoughts on handlebars. I’ve tried them a few times. Not sure I like them. I suppose I shouldn’t give up yet though. I intend to try again this week.

Hey Vertigo :slight_smile:

I’ve tried handlebars upteem times but don’t seem to get on with them. I’m not able to hold onto to them for any length of time. So they are a bit redundant and with me wobbling so much while I ride I tend to get distracted by them and start looking at them, then I upd :roll_eyes:

( I had a ‘moment’ when I tried freemounting my 36" while the handlebars were on and they got caught in my rucksack straps :astonished: ) Plus my tummy gets in the way so they are off the 36" for now.

I had them on my 26" as well.
I’m surprised that when I dismount ( which is always off the front) I always clear the bars :slight_smile: never been caught yet.

I took adavantage of the Kris Holm sale at UDC and bought another set. :slight_smile:
I thought I’d give it another go in that it might make me lean forwards a bit and feel more relaxed. And hopefully correct my posture as I lean to the right side.
When I rode in the National Road Race at Horwich a spectator commented that I looked scared stiff. It was because I was bolt upright I guess.

Anyway, I’m gonna give it another go. This time for a bit longer :wink:

I’ll let you know how I get on, probably on the learning journal :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on too. Good Luck :smiley:

Sorry if I’m breaking into others’ conversation on handlebars, but I can’t help myself and have to throw in my two cents.

I love my handlebars. The reason I love them has to do, I think, with learning SIF riding on my 20". I initially learned SIF one-handed, and used that method to jump curbs. I started really messing my arms up, however, from all the stress of one-handed holding. So, I decided two handed SIF was ergonomically better, I practiced that way, and my arms are back to normal. Anyway, putting two hands on the seat is a little bit like putting both hands on the handlebar. So, for me, once I installed the handlebars on my 26" and 29" unicycles, it was not such a big deal getting both hands on them, because of the similarity to the SIF riding mentioned above.

So, my advice to anyone wanting to use handlebars or wanting to improve at using handlebars: learn two-handed SIF on a 20" unicycle. The learning process may need to be broken down into steps, taken incrementally.

While I can’t ride SIF very well, I learnt to ride with both hands on the seat very early - pretty much as soon as I was able to ride forward at all, I started riding with both hands on the saddle. It became my default riding stance for the road, and I only really take a hand off for rough stuff that needs a hand in the air waving about, and hillclimbing. When I put a handlebar on my 36er, I could use it immediately, so I think your experience is vaguely similar to mine :smiley:

For me, I didnt like the handlebar until I rode 19 miles with hands behind back. Now I use the bars for crotch relief.
Currently my Oregon is no fun at 8 miles, non stop.
At medium high cadence and 165s are NOT the way to go! Averaging of 8mph, just a little slower than the 150s

Back to my 36er training! :smiley:

I remember the day I was able to ride SI with both hands on the seat. I was riding on my 20". All of the sudden, I had a burst of speed. Stabilizing the uni caused my cadence to automatically speed up.