29" Muni

The other thread was a bit cluttered selling two muni’s at once. So I wanted to clear it up now that it’s sold.

29" Muni for sale.


Nimbus II Muni frame (illusion blue color)
Velocity Dyad rim
Spirit Cranks 165/137
TRP Spyre brake with Kool-stop pads
Avid dialed lever
Maxxis Ignitor tire
Atom Lab GI pedals
KH Street saddle

I’ve also got a tubeless kit I’ll throw in, spare tube, seat cover, brake line, and other spares that I keep for every uni I build.

I’ll take $550 OBO. I need to move some unicycles.

As usual, I don’t want to ship, but will if that’s what it takes.

Bump. Need to sell this.


Man, no takers? This is a great muni.

Feel free to make an offer…


Final price drop to $500.

I’ve got a box and am ready to ship if need be (to the lower 48).

Alright, what do I have to do to sell this? I’m just completely befuddled.

Man, I’m about to just go and hock it at a pawn shop…

Before you do that please ask the price on here so it will go to someone who actually appreciates it…

The pawn shop thing was a joke, but I really did think I’d have this sold by now.

I’ll eat it big time and ask $450.

It looks real nice. I wish I had the money.

Maybe interested, what would postage to New Zealand be? probably more than unicycle

Yes. Fedex quoted ~$700. That seems a bit rediculous though…