29" Moto Raptor Vs. 29" Nano Raptor ?'s


What is the difference in the Moto Raptor and the Nano Raptor?

Tread pattern photo of the Moto Raptor below:

I am more interested in riding impressions than technical specs.
Like: Off road impressions and Road impressions
The nano is supposed to have Kevlar in it somewere. That is supposed to lighten the weight, I think.

I am also curious as to the IRC Notos as well. Steve Howard has used this one and likes it.

Here is a photo of the tread pattern of the Moto Raptor:

BTW, Webcyclery.com sells a ton of tires.

We’ve been using the notos for some time now, and it works great, on road and the little (almost none) offroad. the kevlar is in the bead aread, instread of the steel wire than normally runs around the bead. it makes it more flexy when off the rim, and much lighter. I dont think IRC makes the notos anymore in 29", but they do make a different tire (cant remember which one). but I think the notos and nanoraptor are of similar sizes, if I remember correctly. but I dont have too much experience with the nano for any real riding.

The Moto-Raptor has more aggressive tread than the Nano. If you’re going to ride a lot of off road, get the Moto. If you’re going to ride mostly pavement, get the Nano.

I have the Nano on my 29er because I use it for commuting. It dosen’t have near the traction in mud as a Gazzaloddi, but it sure rolls smooth. One nice thing about less aggressive tread is that it won’t pack up with mud as much.

I’ve got a Moto on the back of my mountain bike and it rolls great on pavement too, with just a bit more aggressive tread.

I don’t know where to kevlar is in the Nano, but it’s not in the bead. Still, it is a light tire. It’s hard to believe how light the 29ers are. Of course I’m used to my heavy pig of a muni and a Coker.

cheers… Mojoe

I’ve used the Nano’s quite a bit now. I really like it for just about everything. I rolls really smooth on the road, and it seems to hook up really well off road. I think the Moto’s look much more aggressive, but I’ve yet to try it. Probably if you were wanting a lightweight-all-round-ride-everywhere tyre I’d get the Nano’s. If you only intend on off-road perhaps the Motos would be better. But the more knobbly the tyre the faster it will wear on the road.


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>But the more
>knobbly the tyre the faster it will wear on the road.

That, and more rolling resistance.

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