29" kh

I tried to downgrade to a 29" from a Huni-rex, but I cannot feel comfortable on it.

So put it on sale on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KH29-Kris-Holm-Unicycle-29/263344719759?hash=item3d5091878f:g:-CoAAOSwDkVaGci-

Feel free to offer!

Injecting pics :wink:

Thank you!

Is it brand new? Why does it have the old-old style saddle?

Used saddle!

The saddle is used and came from a huni-rex. If you read the listing it’s described. The frame is new and the wheel also (only 5’ minutes indoor test brake). Hope to sell it soon 'cause I can’t ride right now (huni-rex is without seatpost and saddle/29" must remain unused 'till sold!)

Sorry I didn’t get in details on the eBay listing, I was commenting on the photos above. I just realized that you made the uni from parts.

I hope you sell soon, but if I may, that’s a steep price for a second hand uni.

You did’t get in details on the eBay listing, as you told! “Every offer will be considered, feel free to write yours!” means that the price will be made based on the different offers. Maybe I could have made an auction with
a right starting price but I thought it would be fair to allow everykind of offer. What do you think will be a right price? (Fell free to suggest to anyone reading: 1) price for a steal 2) value related price 3) price for a specific buyer who need exactly that).

Thank you for your help

Edit: it’s not used for the main parts: it’s more like “new other”

Need to use it!

I cannot stand to wait without a unicycle… it has been used today and removed from the listing! Snow is coming and I’m ready with my muni to try if it could be hard enough in a few snow! :smiley:

Good for you!
One has never too many unicycles!

Going from nongeared to geared is weird intially. So you started learning from Huni-rex and now you’re transtioning to a larger nongeared, obviously its going to take some time for your body to get used to, especially when you’re a beginner. You just have to stay dedicated to daily practice.
It’s an awesome muni, definitely keep it!:wink:

I was curious to understand if it could be sold around 380-400€… but I tought about modding the Huni-rex with a 29" wheel and 150mm cranks… that could be another way to use my 29er

I’m sure the uni was worth that a few years ago, but even in basically unused condition it has been bypassed by newer tech and features, so the going price would be lower. It’s still a great uni, and I’m glad to see you are going to put it to good use. :slight_smile:

BTW, you may be interested in this post from a few years back, from a club in New Zealand. A guy there put a 29" wheel into a Huni-Rex. (Not the main purpose of the post, but you can see it in the background.)

This thread was about a KH new 2017 frame, a new 29" wheel and other used parts… The huni-rex is another story: I don’t want sell it!!! It is a 3.5" wheel with low PSI: it could float over a lot of this consider its weight and its momentum , it has no pedal stroke issue but it is hard to climb anything. Next modding will be a 29" with 150mm cranks and next modding will be 26" with 125mm cranks again and a PAS motor! Right now the only newer tech is a Schlumpf hub, but it cost exactly like adding a motor + a grin’s cyclist analizer + all the required sensors… and the huni-rex could mount it… so I don’t think it is bypassed right now. I thought of selling a 29" KH, not to sell an old Huni-rex!