29 inner tube on a 36

Carbon tends to splinter and make very fine splinters when drilled or cut into. Make sure to clean up the hole and make everything smooth again, 400 grit is what I have used on various carbon tubes for other projects to smooth them out (as carbon rims are gonna have to get a lot cheaper before I end up with one), or those splinters might end up puncturing a tube. I would also wear gloves, as it is very annoying to have those splinters in fingers for a few days while your skin attempts to digest carbon fibers and they are too small to see and remove with tweezers(ask me how I know)

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I’ve been corresponding by email with a representative from Nextie who told me that they can make a hooked version for an additional cost.


I would not blame the tube. I had exactly the same thing happen on a 36" stealth rim because the tire was not installed/centered correctly on the rim. When correctly installed the tube is fully contained in the tire and rim and can not burst. If the line on the tire near the rim is located the same distance from the rim all the way around the tire, all is good. If the tire is even slightly lopsided, the bead can pop off and the tube will explode out of the opening. The tube will be destroyed but it is not the fault of the tube.

Is this something where they’d need a minimum order quantity to create the flexible tooling for it, or just an additional cost per unit and something they could have as an option?

Something like an extra $50-100 per unit for a hooked version wouldn’t seem totally unreasonable for that extra peace of mind.

(Edit: Additional discussion on the carbon rim should probably go in here: Nextie 36" carbon rim)

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Michelin 700 tube is very nice, becomes longer but not larger when you inflate


I have made contact with Nextie and I’m awaiting a response regarding the hooked version of the rim.

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