29" Inch Video.

Just a video of me on my 29er.

Tell me what you think.


Cool video. Cute doggy at the end!:smiley:

You sure make those pedals fly! Even one footed :slight_smile:

i really enjoyed that. thanks


fun vid man…i like that, something chill, fun easy watching.
you really demonstrated how fun/versatile 29ers are…big fan miself!

Thanks everyone.
Im so sad that i scratched my frame on that rock. :angry:

who’s Brad? nicely done all 'round.
good music/filming/riding… fitting for 29.
you have a 29 AND a coker? What make is the 29?
it looked like you did one foot with foot off the post in one section. I’m thinking that and some other tricks might be easier on 29 than 20 because it has some momentum. I wonder what else suits the 29?

  1. It says on the video its a Nimbus 29.
  2. He does that all the way through, on a 29 even with a flat crown, it’s hard to bend your knee enough to get your foot on the crown comfortably.
  3. I think you’ll find it harder, as the wheel is heavier and needs more power.

Is that why you looked sad? And here I was thinking that it was because YOU had gotten hurt.

No band-aids for unis. They’re tough. :slight_smile:

Nah, i smashed my ankle on the rock.

And im Brad.

And i dont have a coker.

Sick video, Brad.
I’m Reef.
I’m in the kidmuni team too, Kevin and I are the sponsored riders.

I know your reef. Your kinda famous to me.:smiley:

Haha, what the hell?

haha, nah, just your a really awosme rider

Not even, Steven!

Nice vid. Your’e fast on that thing!


Great vid!

Those pedals were flying! At first I thought you intentionally sped some parts up, untill I saw the girl on the trampoline.

Is it the new ISIS?

Thanks. No its not the isis, just the norm.