29-inch unicycle

Seeking a used 29’er of any brand. I’m just looking for something cheap that can speed up my commute to work. US shipments preferred.


I just decided to sell my 29’er about ten minutes ago. I’m in Colorado.

Frame: Nimbus 2 frame
Rim: KH XC rim
hub: UDC CrMo wide hub
Spokes: KH black stainless spokes
Tire: Schwalbe Big Apple tire
Cranks: 125mm Qu-Ax aluminum
Seat: your choice, New UDC Hi-Top with front bumper (not a handle), or pretty beaten up, but still perfectly rideable Kris Holm saddle w/handle. They are virtually the same saddle. The KH has a handle, and the udc doesn’t (but it’s brand new never mounted).

Pedals:either used but good Snafu’s, or fairly new Union plastics.

I have had a brake mounted on it, and so it has the hole drilled in the crown. The saddle in the photo is now on my MUni, and the brake is going on a coker. I don’t know how much shipping would be, but I would like to get $200 for the uni.

Eyal obviously has first dibs, but if for some reason Eyal doesn’t want the 29er let me know I might be interested.