29-inch trainter or Nimbus (or equivalent)

I was thinking about getting this 29-inch trainer from unicycle.com, which will set me back about $180 shipped ($145 + $35 shipping). If you’ve got a used one you’d like to sell for somewhere around $130 shipped, let me know.

Alternatively, I might be interested in a used Nimbus 29-incher ($345 shipped new) if you’re willing to let it go for somewhere around $250 shipped.

I apologize in advance if either of these offers is laughably too low.


Have an older kh29 that I would let go for $300 shipped…in excellent condition

Nimbus 29er is $309 with free shipping if only order over $300. Look like nuclear1 gave you a good deal on KH29. :astonished:

Thanks, I somehow missed the free shipping offer.

That’s tempting. If I decide to spend $300, seems like an old KH is going to be much better than a new Nimbus. Can you tell me what size cranks it has on it? I don’t even know what size cranks I need. I still need to research that to find out what size cranks I will need (this will be for road riding only).

I just found a used 28-incher for $90 bucks and I’m such a sucker that I couldn’t pass it up. Good thing is that this won’t break the bank, so it won’t slow me down much if I decide to save up for a 36-incher next.

Thanks to everyone who posted. I think I’ll close this thread and post a new one when I get the itch to buy again.